Johnny Depp ‘records new music with Jeff Beck as comeback’ – ‘Hope for movie return’

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After losing his libel case in British courts, Johnny Depp was asked to resign from the Fantastic Beasts film franchise. While the idea of ​​the star making a cameo in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was reportedly “hampered” when introduced to Disney. Still, the 58-year-old is now reportedly looking to make a comeback through new music.

Johnny Depp is no stranger to rock music and has been a guitarist in his band Hollywood Vampires since 2015 – alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

Now the Daily Mail reports that the star has been staying with Jeff Beck at his estate in Sussex.

The outlet claims that Depp and the 77-year-old musician wrote and recorded music in Beck’s studio.

A source close to the Pirates star said, “They’ve been working together on material for Jeff’s next album.”

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jeff beck and johnny depp

Johnny Depp ‘records new music with Jeff Beck as comeback’ – ‘Hope for movie return’ (Image: GETTY)

jonny depp

Johnny Depp reportedly hopes to return to movies eventually (Image: GETTY)


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The insider continued: “It was great for Johnny to return to his first true love, which was music.

“Jeff has been a good friend to Johnny through a very difficult time, and being away from Hollywood was just what Johnny needed.

“He wants to take a step back from everything and focus on a comeback through music.”

The source added that Depp hopes to return to movies eventually, but that it will be music first.

hollywood vampires

Johnny Depp with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in the Hollywood Vampires (Image: GETTY)

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Last year, Beck and Depp recorded a cover of John Lennon’s Isolation to help people cope with the lockdown.

While the pair played together in 2019 at the Crossroads Music Festival in Dallas, Texas for Eric Clapton’s charity, before embarking on a short US tour.

Depp has also written the introduction to his Pirates colleague Greg Ellis’ new book, The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law, as both have had difficult experiences in US divorce courts.

In an exclusive conversation with, Ellis said: “He’s a big believer in what I do and how I do it.”

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Ellis continued: “I am aware that he is still working his way through the justice system on many fronts, so I don’t talk much about the details of that.”

As for a return to Hollywood, the 53-year-old thinks Depp will be back in some form in the near future.

He added: “Do I think he will come back? Yes. To what extent, I’m not sure.

“[There’s] this reputational damage that’s going on, this victim culture where victimhood is the new social currency and the economy is booming, and it’s blown up.”


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