Bioware Approved Mass Effect Legendary Edition Graphics Mod further improves the textures and static lighting of the trilogy

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The Bioware-approved “ALOT” graphics revision mod is now ported for use in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Created by “CreeperLava”, the mod A Lot of Textures (ALOT) was used by Bioware as one of the benchmarks for the recently released remastered trilogy. Many of the graphical improvements in the original mod were implemented with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, but there are still several aspects of the trilogy’s visuals that can be improved, including textures, static lighting, and shadows. Well, PC players looking to spice up the trilogy are in for a treat as the LOTS of visual overhaul mod has now been made available for the remastered trilogy.

“While much of the work put into ALOT has become obsolete by the LE, many textures remain superior in ALOT even now,” the mod’s creator writes. “These textures were ported to the [Legendary Edition] to get the best of both worlds.”

“In addition, the original ALOT’s Improved Static Lighting (ISL) component has been recreated and vastly improved for the LE. Many of the lighting and shadows you see in the game are pre-rendered and saved as textures. These textures have not been improved for LE, causing blocky shadows pretty much everywhere in the games (see screenshots). ISL solves this by putting the textures through a state-of-the-art neural network-based noise reduction, antialiasing and upscaling process for approximately 40,000 light and shadow maps in the trilogy.”

Below are some screenshots of this impressive visual overhaul modification:

Those interested can download the “LOTS” mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition via Nexusmods. Be sure to read first on the installation instructions.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is now available worldwide for PC and consoles. As expected, this mod only works with the PC version of the trilogy.

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