Netflix is ​​developing live-action Pokemon series

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More live action pokemon adventures are on the way, and this time they come from Netflix and the man behind Netflix Match.

Variety reports that Joe Henderson will write and executive produce. Henderson is currently the co-showrunner on Netflix’s Match series, which is about to start its final season. None of the reports indicate what the series will be about; no one knows if it will adapt a video game or focus on telling the original story of the animated series featuring Ash and his trusty Pikachu.

Trade also notes that the Netflix series will be akin to the 2019 live-action pokemon movie Detective Pikachu though it won’t follow that story and universe, choosing to build its own.

Netflix currently hosts episodes of the pokemon animated series, including Pokemon: Indigo League and Pokemon Travel. This series isn’t the first time they’ve entered the world of video game adaptations either. They previously ran a previously Castlevania series and produce original series based on: Far cry and Splinter Cell among other things. The streamer is also developing the upcoming Cowboy Bebop and A piece of live action shows.

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