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When the hit teen drama series Outer Banks made its debut in April 2020 on Netflix, nobody could’ve known it would be this huge. Naturally, people began swarming to the streamer to binge-watch it. This wasn’t surprising because the show is really good. You watch the first episode of season 1, and just like that, you’re hooked!

If you’re not already familiar with the show, it’s about a group of friends, who are on a mission to find the hidden treasure linked to the group leader, John B’s (Chase Stokes), missing dad.

What makes this Netflix Original so popular is that it is relatable. The Pogues deal with real-life struggles such as drug abuse, getting into college, domestic violence, love, and issues within a friend group. Also, the show has three-dimensional characters whose lives unfold in front of us as the show goes on.

People gravitate towards characters who are fleshed out and interesting. They want to see how the characters interact with each other. I have to give props to the actors who portray the Pogues. The chemistry between the actors helps make the friendships on the show believable.

Sometimes the chemistry is so strong, and the actors portray their characters so well that it can seem like they may be dating in real life. But, of course, I’m talking about Madelyn Cline, who plays Sarah Cameron on Outer Banks, and her co-stars.

She has such great chemistry with her castmates that she could be dating them all, honestly. However, what fans of Outer Banks really want to know, is if Madelyn Cline is dating her fellow co-star, Austin North?

Is Madelyn Cline dating Austin North?

Sorry to all of you, Sarah and Topper shippers, but Cline is not dating Austin North. They are just friends and co-workers. She’s actually dating someone else that fans of Outer Banks should know very well.

We’ve seen their relationship play out on the show, and we just can’t get enough of them! Can you guess who Cline is dating?

If you guessed Chase Stokes, you deserve a cookie because you guessed right! Stokes made it Instagram official when he posted a picture of them on a picnic by the beach with the caption, “cats outta the bag.”

Take a look at the cute Instagram post below:

It looks like they’re still going strong because he constantly posts new pictures of them on his page. Since they’re dating in real life, the chemistry on-screen is only going to get better.

Who really can’t wait to see the new season of Outer Banks now? Check out Outer Banks season 2 on Netflix this Friday, July 30.

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