Free new Pokemon Snap update adds new Pokemon and areas

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Free new Pokemon Snap update adds new Pokemon and areas

People will have a reason to return to New Pokemon Snap soon, because the game will get a free update on August 3, 2021. Once the patch is applied, there will be three new areas in Lental. Each will have day and night tours. They will also have more Pokemon photo opportunities, with Psyduck and Rockruff appearing as new characters.

All three new areas were announced. One is called Secret Side Path. This shrinks the player, so even Pokemon like Wurmple will look gigantic. This means a chance to see Pokemon in new ways and perhaps take pictures of characters new to the game, such as Shroomish.

Mightywide River is the second new location in the free New Pokemon Snap to update. That means that you go along the island of Belusylva. The clips of it suggested that this is where people will see characters like Psyduck and Gyarados.

Finally, there are the Barren Badlands. This will be a rocky, desert area with some swamps. It looks like this will be the place to take pictures of Onix, Rockruff and Swalot.

Here’s the full trailer to see what people will do when the New Pokemon Snap plaster comes.

YouTube video

New Pokemon Snap is available for the Nintendo Switch and the update will arrive on August 3, 2021.

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