Monster Hunter Rise version 3.2.0 to add weekly event missions

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Monster Hunter Rise version 3.2.0 to add weekly event missions

Capcom has released more information about: Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.2.0, with a look at what this latest update patch brings to the game. This includes more than a handful of bug fixes and the addition of weekly event quests. Other notable additions include support for the Arabic language. New DLC is also available for purchase. However, this new DLC content is a simple sticker set.

Notable bug fixes include the bug that prevented the player’s controls from working when pressing A quickly while ordering a Motely Mix in the cafeteria. Bug fixes limited to monsters include an issue where the Apex Mizutsun would use its breath attack even if knocked down. Another important solution that arrives via the Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.2.0 patch fixes an issue where Crimson Glow Valstrax would not take damage during specific animations. Other solutions usually involve user interface or motion related issues. The official website has these bugs fully detailed.

In addition, while Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.2.0 brings weekly event quests, there has been no elaboration on what these might be. The official Monster Hunter Rise Twitter account has also revealed that at least three more layered armor sets of other Capcom properties will be available sometime in the future.

Monster Hunter Rise is available immediately for the Nintendo Switch. A PC release will arrive sometime in early 2022.

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