New Edge of Eternity update adds support for AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS 2.2; Improved CPU performance and load faster

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Developer Midgar Studio has rolled out a new Edge of Eternity update (Bestiary), which adds support for both AMD FSR and NVIDIA DLSS 2.2.

In addition to providing support for the popular upscaling techniques, the new update introduces the new bestiary and brings together the balance changes with performance improvements, including faster load times and improved multiple CPU performance. The development team has also worked hard to offer numerous bug fixes and various other improvements in the game. You will find the official release notes for the new Bestiary update below:

Edge of Eternity Bestiary Update Release Notes

New Feature: Bestiary

Added directly to your inventory, the bestiary lists every creature you’ve already seen on Heryon, their habitats and what they drop! Now you can’t miss the crafting feature of the game🧭


AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) uses advanced upscaling technologies to boost your frame rates in Edge Of Eternity and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.

DLSS 2.2

NVIDIA DLSS version has been updated to 2.2 with new improvements that reduce ghosting (especially noticeable with particles) while improving the image, also the sharpness of the DLSS can now be controlled by the sharpness slider in the graphics settings

To balance:

  • Reduced MagDef on some entities
  • Balanced Multiple Combat Objectives
  • Multiple battles rebalanced


  • Improved performance in several areas: Jungle, Clockworks Fields, Mount Berenroth and Jagholm.
  • Added an algorithm to optimize the number of samples present on the map at the same time to limit performance loss in large areas
  • Accelerated charging (~20%)
  • Improved multiple CPU performance (cloth, particles, logic)

Polish and improvements:

  • Improved multiple cutscenes, automatic cutscenes and sidequests
  • Added Sprint shift mode in the options
  • Added new blue armor that can be looted around the world
  • Improved multiple translations (mainly French and Japanese, Chinese improvements are coming)
  • Added semi-scripted cameras to some battles, especially with giant enemies
  • The lighthouse area in the Solna plain polishedvlakte
  • Improved NPC staging in Herelsor, Jagholm, Tyr Caelum, Refugees Village, Kora Camp, Wurldzend added new NPC’s “work-idle” animations
  • Improved camera in the “Caravaner” autocut scene in Chapter V
  • Added missing NPCs in cages during the Oboros phases
  • Switch some autocutscenes to textbox: the plant Ricardo and the dynevent “Breeding Trouble”
  • Collider added for the canons in Tyr Caelum
  • Crystal visible in the “Magic Hates A Vacuum” autocut scene
  • Animation of Nicholas on his knees during the Oboros phases
  • Improved the autocut scene when Myrna joins the party
  • Now Alpharius is visible for the “The Reunion” cutscene and Derek is visible in the autocut scene
  • Improved camera and some animations in the “Welcome to Tyr Caelum” autocut scene
  • Improved “A Man In Need” dynamic event with chapter rewards, new animations and objects
  • Improved Nekaroo Controls
  • Improved battle cameras for multiple battles
  • Improved multiple vegetation models
  • Improved triggers for loading multiple scenes to position them so that the scene that “pops” is no longer visible
  • Balanced Voices volumes of cutscenes from Chapter VI
  • Custom Victory camera algorithm to prevent the camera from going underground when fighting on steep terrain
  • Polished little cutscenes and lip sync
  • Polished audio and tweaks (missing SFX, Balance, etc… added)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix Nepentha Boss not acting when players were too far
  • Improved wall control panel feedback during Mercury Fight
  • Fix wrong target spell issue (icon not shown + effect not applicable)
  • Fix Skittan digging outside combat zone
  • Cleaning up the battle interface after casting a special attack
  • Fix interface that doesn’t disappear when killing the last enemy with a special attack
  • Fix weapon update ensures that combat targets no longer fail
  • Fix The last boss core doesn’t spawn in the right place
  • Fix Status UI browsing issue
  • Fix Myrna’s first fire knife that doesn’t cause fire damage
  • Nerf Threptik elemental shift now expires after 3 seconds and cannot be shifted if an immunity is already active
  • Stalag bomb added in battle area Borborygm
  • Fix an issue that causes a character to have a spell in their spellbook twice
  • Fix Mercury who can shoot characters that are covered
  • Fix Softlock equipment that occurs when equipping an item before the tutorial starts
  • Balancing: Decrease process time for Stalagbomb + reset process time when leaving range
  • Removed defensive attitude when interactive objects effects are activated
  • Fix missing name on called entity
  • Fix Time advance not possible when someone entered the casting phasefase
  • Fix Reynan Earth Snap not reducing HP to one
  • Fix Leader doesn’t change when everyone is removed from the party
  • Fix for kill marked enemy first target fails when a player character dies
  • Fix Borborygm doesn’t stop cannibalism when available targets are dead
  • Fix Fallon turns her back on her when switching sides during the Landmine sequence
  • Fix enemies spawning on top of buildings in Valorian Passor
  • Fix quick tutorial that overlaps with main tutorial explanation
  • Fix collisions softlocks in different areas (Herelsor, Mine, Clockwork field, Junkyard, Mount Berenroth, Cathedral)
  • Fix blinking highlight in Heresor Fix
  • Fixed a rare case where two entities with opposing factions are moved in the same nexus at the same time, UI now cancels the action and displays a visual feedback
  • Fixed a rare bug where the Repulsion effect could be called twice resulting in incorrect visual nexus positioning
  • Fixed multiple collision exploits that could cause game status to be broken and unable to progress through the story
  • Multiple softlock cases solved
  • Fixed multiple collision issues
  • Partial fix for a bug that may cause some terrain assets not to load until graphics settings are changed
  • Fixed multiple weather issues with bad weather in some areas
  • Fixed issues with Myrna skinning that caused her skin to show through her clothes in some animations
  • Fixed a rare bug where monsters could visually spawn during a cutscene/autocut scene
  • Monsters can no longer spawn on the player
  • Fixed multiple shadow bugs
  • Fixed multiple visual issues
  • Fixed a rare visual bug in the battlefield intro when starting a new game twice in a row that could cause a visual artifact for a few frames
  • Fixed a bug with monster orientation during tower defense phases
  • Fixed a volumetric light problem in Chapter VII
  • Proc effects like passive weapons no longer contribute to bonus goals (avoid issues with goals invalidated by proc effects)
  • Fixed camera that went underground when borrowers were digging
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a negative timer in Nekaroo races with slow hard drives
  • Fixed a scaling issue with the Daryon sword in the intro chapter
  • Fix for entities that could attack through walls when using a fallback target when the main target was dead
  • Fixed multiple weather issues with bad weather in some areas
  • Rarely resolved camera shake during exploration
  • Fixed invalid stats/levels/icons for multiple items
  • Fixed blurriness on the final boss
  • Recycling the last item from an inventory page no longer blocks the user interface
  • Solid food icons were not preloaded when the innkeeper UI was opened for the first time
  • Stuttering in billboard UIs like monster information in the world
  • Myrna removed from the crafting table UI
  • Fixed several minor issues around the fast travel UI

We recently interviewed Jérémy Zeler-Maury, the CEO of the developer and lead programmer of games, to talk about implementing the Red and Green team’s scaling technologies.

“When there is a lot of pixel information available for upscaling to 4K, both technologies give amazing results, and I find it hard to tell the differences between the two,” the CEO said when asked about possible differences between the two techniques. “In fact, I’d say I slightly prefer the FSR for 4K resolution, as it doesn’t introduce artifacts/minor blurring that DLSS can sometimes introduce. For lower resolutions, like upscaling to 1080p or 720p, I think DLSS gives a better result, because it can reconstruct parts of missing details due to the nature of the technique.”

Edge of Eternity is available for PC through Steam. The ‘Final Fantasy Love Letter’ will also be coming to consoles (last-gen and next-gen) later this year.

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