The 2.0 update is a global explosion. What should we expect from “Original God”?

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GameLook report/As previously expected, the “Original God” that has just entered the 2.0 version, once again “killed crazy” in the global market.

On July 21st, the 2.0 version of “Original God” was officially launched. Along with the version update, the third large-scale open world area of ​​”Original God” since the opening of the server-Inazuma also debuted for the first time.

In this piece of “Ocean Islands”, players will not only welcome the new characters “Shinli Ayaka”, “Xiaogong”, “Zaoyou”, and a new event “Yesuo Leihen” will also be launched. And the highly acclaimed “Dust Song Pot” system will usher in the planting gameplay, and there are brand-new monsters “Relic Robot”, “Lady Hidden Mirror”, and “Fire of No Phase” waiting for players to challenge.

Judging from the results of the list, the game entered the top ten best-selling lists in 85 countries and regions on the first day, and reached the top in 24 countries and regions. Among them, in the four major markets of China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, “Yuan Shen” also performed quite well, ranking TOP1 in the United States and TOP2 in the three lists of China, Japan and South Korea. It can be said that the 2.0 version update once again set off a “Yuan Shen fever” in the world. “.

Such performance is exaggerated, but not surprising. In my opinion, “Yuan Shen” can cause a phenomenon-level upsurge in the world. In addition to the normal feedback brought by high-quality creative content, the deeper reason is that Mihayou, as a Chinese manufacturer, is using “Yuan Shen” As a carrier, it continues to reconstruct global players’ perceptions of the world’s multiculturalism.

And through the performance of “Original God” in the global market, we also have a better opportunity to see the context and path of Mihayou’s cultural output.

Let the world know Chinese culture with perceivable oriental elements

Whether the game can be called the “Ninth Art” is controversial, but we cannot deny the artistry and influence of the game. As one of the most important entertainment methods of this era, games have a unique sense of immersion, and the technical capabilities they carry can also present difficult-to-speak cultures in a more vivid and vivid way. This means that games are also an important channel for cultural output. .

Since its opening at the end of September last year, “The Original God” has tried to use a variety of methods to build a stage that accommodates the world’s diverse cultures. Whether it is the free city state Mond in the early stage, or the contract country Riyue in the back, players all over the world can truly feel the beauty of the world’s culture.

Especially for Liyue, it can be said that “Original God” really began to release the charm of Chinese culture in overseas markets, it was the moment when the player first walked through the entrance of Tianheng Mountain and stepped onto the land of Liyue.

As the main stage of the first chapter of “The Original God”, Liyue contains too many cordial Chinese cultural elements. If you look closely, you will find that these Chinese elements are permeated in the scene design, music, and plot of Liyue. And so on in almost all designs.

For example, in the art scene design of Liyue, the Mihayou team used a large number of Chinese-style buildings with tenon-and-mortise structures, stone forests with “Chinese beauty”, foothills and colored pools, etc., in conjunction with the freshness and vividness of the two-dimensional cartoon rendering. The style of painting realizes the integration of game content and Chinese cultural elements.

In fact, not only in the design of tangible art scenes, but also in the intangible emotion and spiritual core, the shadow of Chinese culture is still traceable in “The Original God”.

In the setting of the world view, the essence of Liyue is the spirit of contract, and the spirit of contract of Liyue people has derived three cores-“industriousness, gold, and prosperity”, which are also necessary materials for upgrading skills of Liyue’s character. Why is it designed like this? Because hard work creates gold, and gold brings prosperity, this is essentially consistent with the values ​​contained in Chinese culture for thousands of years.

As the god who created the glaze moon, Emperor Zhongli not only has Chinese patterns like fret and square pattern on the appearance design, but also the personification of Chinese sages in the past. In the world, the traditional Confucian spirit such as “benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and faith” has been most perfectly presented in Zhong Li.

It is such a character full of “Chinese flavor”. His PV video has exceeded 20 million views on YouTube and over 17 million views at station B. At the same time, it has caused phenomenal discussions at home and abroad. Let foreign players have a good cultural feast from China.

In addition, Riyue’s OST also makes extensive use of Chinese folk music, ancient tonal melody combined with Western romantic harmony branches and orchestral scores to create a unique oriental charm. Overseas, not only many players are intoxicated by it, but even music professionals with more sophisticated tastes are also full of praise, which is enough to see the popularity of Riyue’s music overseas.

For foreign players, although the Chinese culture is extensive and profound, they may not know much about themselves, but they benefit from Mihayou’s exquisite and innovative design in “The Original God” and the highly free gameplay design brought by the open world. Certainly, those cultural concepts that were originally distant and vague have become perceptible and tangible mountains, rivers, customs and customs.

For example, during the Spring Festival this year, “The Original God” used the “Sea Lantern Festival” to present the dreamlike oriental festival scenes and atmosphere in real-time calculations.

What’s more commendable is that the global popularity of “Yuan Shen” has even made countless foreigners become “origin scholars”, actively learning Chinese pronunciation and understanding the Chinese culture behind Liyue.

Whether it is from the perspective of domestic games or from the perspective of cultural output, this is an extremely rare phenomenon. The significance of “Original God” has long gone beyond the realm of games.

Not limited to local themes, it becomes the soil for the coexistence of multiple cultures

From the original Monde and Liyue to the present Dao’s wife, from the point of view of the creative context, the cultural tolerance of “The Original God” is no longer limited to the local culture, but aims to continuously absorb the excellent global culture and make itself Become a soil for the coexistence of multiple cultures.

Unlike Mond’s “freedom” and Riyue’s “contract”, Dao’s wife under the rule of Thor is a country seeking “eternity.” Although the expression of the theme is different, in the way of creation, Daojima, like the first two countries, is extracted from the world’s cultural elements.

In fact, it is not difficult to draw inspiration from different cultures for content creation. The difficult thing is how to integrate creative content into the game as much as possible, and further form a complete and self-consistent worldview with its own characteristics. In order to maintain the unity of the world view and regional theme, Mihayou has deepened the content in the three dimensions of history, humanities and geography.

Daozuma Castle

As the only country in the seven countries that is completely located on the ocean, the rice wife full of thunder elements has formed its own unique geological features, such as the inclement weather completely different from Mond and Riyue, unique vegetation, and the influence of thunder elements. Under unstable geological structure and so on.

In the Daozuma area, many styles of design combine the concept of landforms with “humanistic” scenic spots, showing unique cultural connotations. Take “Wuxiang Blade Hazama” as an example, its birth is closely related to Thor Baal, and the protracted demon war on the “history” of Tivat will also be attached to the surface of the water.

Nostalgia Blade Hazama

General Raiden

Another example is the sacred cherry tree in the Naruto Shrine. This setting is derived from the belief in sacred fences and sacred trees. Although the sacred cherry trees are distributed throughout Daojia, the roots located underground are closely connected, which means that the entire Daoji’s sacred cherry tree is actually just a whole tree. The source of inspiration for this magical design is in reality. Cherry tree and trembling poplar.

鸣 jin Taisha

God Sakura

In terms of “geography”, just like Mond’s characteristic plants are pinwheel chrysanthemum and dandelion, Liyue has neon flowers and glazed lilies, and Daojie also has his own characteristic representatives-ming grass and sakura hydrangea. In addition, due to the strong influence of thunder elements, the ecological environment of Daojia has also bred vegetation and trees of different colors and brightness, as well as special collections that conform to the environment.

It is not difficult to see that although Dao’s wife’s creation is based on different cultures in the world, the cultural core is continuously explored and integrated based on the three dimensions of history, humanities and geography. The area of ​​Dao’s wife has formed a distinctive theme and style, and is in the process of exploration. People deeply feel the wonderful experience brought by the thunder kingdom and the heavy “history” of the entire Tivat continent in the past.

It can be said that the three dimensions of history, humanities, and geography are related to each other, forming the most basic and core design concept of Daojia, and this concept also runs through the art, gameplay and story background of Daojima area. It is the reason why Daojia is different from Mond and Riyue, but they did not break away from the framework of “Original God” for very important reasons, and made “Original God” the soil for the coexistence of multiple cultures.

Casting the core of Chinese culture with ingenuity, Mihayou’s unique cultural output path

In fact, whether it is Monde, Riyue, or Daojia today, whether the culture of different regions originates from the actual region, it is not the core point for judging cultural output. Just like the protagonist Monkey King in “Dragon Ball”, his prototype is from China, but when looking at the world, the audience’s first impression is still a character born under Japanese culture.

Therefore, rather than entangled in the source of superficial themes, the concept of the team in the creative process is the key to judging cultural output.

As a Chinese manufacturer, Mihayou has shown us more than once how they use the soil of “Original God”, which is a multicultural coexistence, to use the Chinese people’s own spiritual concepts and ways of thinking to reshape the foreign players’ different culture Cognition and thinking.

For example, the image of “Ruo Tuo Dragon King” added in the 1.5 version update is Miha You’s re-creation by extracting images from different cultures and different fields.

When initially creating the shape of the Dragon King, the Mihayou team did not directly use the oriental image of the antlers, snake body and horse head in the classic works, or the image of the western dragon with lizard and wings, but the ancient Chinese crocodile-shaped dragon position. Basically, it combines other cultural symbols and biological forms with similar artistic conceptions as embellishments and biochemicals. For example, the name “Ruo Tuo” comes from the ancient Persian “Aži Dahāka”, which means “dragon”.

Whether it is the word “Ruo Tuo” or the design of its image, these meticulous creations not only portray the character image in depth, but also make the story more full. More importantly, this is the first time that Mihayou, as a Chinese manufacturer, stands on China’s unique cultural perspective and interprets different cultures in a unique way of thinking.

It not only accommodates the world’s excellent culture in the attitude of inclusive of all rivers, but also injects the core of Chinese spirit and way of thinking into the creative process. This is a new path that Mihayou explores in the cultural output. Judging from the feedback of the new version of Dao Qi, this new path is obviously a broad road.

“I am very happy to see Mihayou’s efforts to make rice wives”

“I can’t wait to explore Daojiao”

“As an Asian, I want to say that the buildings of Rizuki and Inazuma are actually very different.”

Through cultural innovation and cultural integration, Mihayou has truly achieved the “cultural output” that few domestic games can do before in the process of creating a multi-dimensional worldview of “Original God”. Therefore, it is not difficult for you to understand why even the Chinese embassies abroad and the official media would praise Miha’s tour of “The Original God” frequently.

Even at the industry’s authoritative GDC2021 (Game Developer’s Choice Award), “Original God” still lived up to expectations, won the best mobile game in one fell swoop, and once again won the recognition of global developers.

Cultural output is not a stubborn preaching, but a silent infiltration of things. This is Mihayou’s understanding of cultural output and his way of embracing the world.

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