Virgin Media O2 Unveils Epic Broadband Boost That BT and Sky Can’t Match

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Virgin Media O2 has announced a major update coming soon (Image: VIRGIN MEDIA)

Virgin Media O2 already offers quite impressive downloads, with some customers getting movies and PS5 games at 1 Gbps speed. At that speed, it would take about 40 seconds to broadcast a full HD blockbuster movie to a TV – that’s about 15 times faster than the current UK average.

While that 1Gbps broadband is good, it could get even better for Virgin users. The company has just unveiled a massive investment that will see new full-fibre technology roll out to streets across the UK.

Right now, Virgin offers its speeds through a mix of high-speed fiber and a unique cable system that brings internet into properties. This has allowed the company to offer users much faster speeds compared to older copper lines, but to drive business further, it needs to roll out a major upgrade.

And that’s exactly what comes with Virgin’s promise that by 2028 approximately 14 million homes will have access to full fiber to FTTP technology.

This should not only improve reliability, but also provide the ability to download files at ridiculous speeds of 10 Gbps.

If that becomes reality, a movie download will take just 4 seconds and a 50GB PS5 game will be ready to play in less than a minute.

Virgin already supplies about 1.5 million with an FTTP connection, but this will get a boost in the coming years.

Lutz Schüler, CEO of Virgin Media O2, said of the upgrade: “Our mission is to upgrade the UK, and we are doing just that. With this major new fiber upgrade program, we will begin the next evolution of our network, building on the investment, firepower and leadership we already have and making sure we are fiber fit for the future.

“Right now we have the UK’s leading gigabit network, and this upgrade means we’ll be even stronger in the decades to come, pursuing new opportunities and turning words into action

“We have achieved a lot in 60 days since Virgin Media O2 was founded, but this is just the beginning. With a strong foundation for growth, we will drive connectivity, offer more choice and be a challenger the country can count on.”

Even if that 10Gbps sounds too fast for your needs, Virgin also says it remains on track to complete its gigabit upgrade by the end of 2021, meaning more customers will have access to faster downloads.

It will be interesting to see how Virgin’s rivals react to this mighty upgrade. Most internet service providers (ISPs), including Sky and TalkTalk, use BT’s Openreach technology which only offers speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Virgin Media O2 could soon offer its services to rivals, meaning more homes could potentially enjoy much faster speeds.

It is thought that the company, like Openreach, is eager to enter the fixed wholesale market, meaning its fiber could be accessible to competing companies.

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