eBay DOWN: DNS service unavailable hits, website down for thousands

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Down reports on eBay hit UK – Thousands of users report problems with the site (Image: EBAY•GETTY)

eBay down reports are pouring in today, with thousands of users reporting problems with the online auction website. Independent Failure Monitor Down Detector has registered a massive spike in eBay down reports today, with users receiving a DNS error page when they try to visit the site. According to the Down Detector statistics, the eBay problems started at 12:30 BST.

At the time of writing, Down Detector UK has registered a spike of over 2,000 reports from eBay.

When the eBay issues hit, users took to Twitter to report the issues they were facing.

Someone tweeted: “@eBay looks like the eBay website is down, was about to bid on something, but lost it when the website went *******. #ebaydown”.

While another posted: “Is the ebay website in the UK down @eBay”.

One added: “eBay UK is down – server problem again”.

And another wrote: “eBay UK has gone down!”

Express.co.uk has contacted eBay for comment and asking if a solution is being worked on.

The DNS message that greets users today says “Service not available – DNS error.

“The server is temporarily unable to process your request. Please try again later.”

eBay DNS Error

eBay users today are getting this DNS error (Image: IG)

The eBay troubles come on a day when popular, well-known name services have been severely disrupted.

The social networking app Snapchat had a massive outage today that caused the service to be disrupted for hours.

The problems with Snapchat came overnight as problems were also reported with the Apple App Store.

While thousands of HSBC customers have also reported problems with the high street bank’s online banking service.

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