Halo Infinite beta: new map to soften Waypoint’s blow, need update and pending issues

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Halo Infinite beta issues, but new map on the way (Image: MICROSOFT)

Halo Infinite fans have an early chance this week to play the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive game. On Thursday, the first Halo Infinite beta was launched, available to Halo Insiders members who were invited. However, the first Halo Infinite beta was not without its problems – with the Waypoint website crashing and players being hit with the needed update and pending error messages.

The “update needed” error hit Halo Infinite players when they first started the beta.

If you get this error on Xbox, then a post of Windows Central may have revealed a fix.

If you hard reboot your Xbox, it may force it to download the required update needed to play the beta.

To do this, press the Xbox button on your controller, then go to Profile & System > Settings > Power Mode & Startup > Full Shutdown.

Once you turn your Xbox back on and restart the Halo Infinite beta, the necessary download should start.

Elsewhere, Halo Infinite players have experienced a “pending” issue with the Xbox Insider Hub app.

There is no workaround available for Halo fans, they are assured that technicians are looking into the problem.

The Xbox Support Twitter said, “If you’re having trouble accessing Halo Infinite through the Xbox Insider Hub app, we want you to know that engineers are actively addressing this issue. Follow here for updates.”

If you’ve had any issues with the Halo Infinite beta, the good news is that the technical preview will be getting new content soon.

The Halo Infinite beta is by invitation only

The Halo Infinite beta is by invitation only to Halo Insider members (Image: MICROSOFT)

The difficulty of bots is ramped up as Brian Jarrard of 343 Industries has teased a new incoming map.

Jarrard tweeted: “We expect to ramp up the Bots to ODST difficulty and introduce a new map you can play on!”

The 343 Industries Community Director also said: “The Xbox team is still working on the “Pending” issue with the Insider app. People are slowly getting through it, but it’s a slow process. Keep an eye on @XboxSupport for more updates.

“Halo Waypoint has struggled today and is slowly recovering as traffic decreases. Messages won’t show to everyone, but you don’t really need them. For Xbox, just go to the Insider app on the console.”

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