HSBC DOWN: Thousands complain about banking app and online services not working

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If you are trying and failing to check your HSBC bank statement on payday, you are not alone. The banking app and online web services seem to be in a meltdown with thousands of complaints that users cannot access these vital platforms.

The problems appear to have started around 8:30am and while HSBC is currently showing no issues on its status page, the Downdetector website is revealing thousands of reports across the UK. This outage tracker tracks social mentions around certain topics to detect when services around the world go down and is usually quite accurate.

On his forum pages, one HSBC user said, “Mobile app not working?” while another said, “Can’t login to internet banking or use mobile app.”

HSBC down with some reporting app and online services not working (Image: HSBC)

HSBC down

HSBC down with users on Twitter venting their frustration (Image: HSBC)

HSBC down

HSBC down with thousands of reports pouring in (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

In addition to these Downdetector posts, the social media this morning is also full of users who are having issues with HSBC’s services.

One tweet said: “@HSBC are your systems down? I can’t log into the app or online.”

And another post added: “@HSBC_UK Mobile banking ‘again’ on a payday for most of us! Seriously time to switch I think.”

There’s no word on what’s causing the issues or when they’ll be resolved, but it’s clearly been a frustrating morning for anyone with an HSBC account.

Today’s outage comes after a number of banks, including HSBC, were hit by problems last week.

Some of the biggest brands, including Barclays, HSBC, TSB, Lloyds, Tesco Bank and Halifax, all suffered from the massive outage that prevented thousands of customers from logging into online or mobile banking.

It seems that DNS service Akamai was behind the problems, which affected such a wide range of companies and services. Akamai provides critical infrastructure for some of these services and has confirmed it is experiencing issues with its service.


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