Jungle Cruise end-credits scene: Is there a post-credits scene in the Emily Blunt movie?

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WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is the latest adventure from Disney Studios. The almost reckless adventure, hitting Disney Plus today, centers on Dr. Lily’s (played by Blunt) quest for the mythical Tree of Life, also known as the Tears of the Moon. Along the way, she enlists the help of Frank (Dwayne Johnson) to guide her safely through the Amazon rainforest.

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Does Jungle Cruise have a closing credits scene?

Jungle Cruise has no end credits scene.

It also doesn’t have any sort of mid-credits scene.

The closing credits do, however, contain a collection of interesting images containing a number of references to the film that preceded it.

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Jungle Cruise credits

Jungle Cruise end credits: is there a scene after the end credits? (Image: DISNEY)

Jungle Cruise credits dwayne Johnson

Jungle Cruise end credits: is there a scene after the end credits? (Image: DISNEY)

Just because there wasn’t an end-credits or post-credits scene doesn’t mean there won’t be a sequel.

The final moments of the film showed Frank and Lily in brand new suits in London.

The couple did not confirm any romantic relationship, but they were certainly on very good terms.

During the final scene, Lily tried to teach Frank to drive.

Jungle Cruise end credits the rock dwayne johnson

Jungle Cruise credits: Dwayne Johnson stars in the film’s final moments (Image: DISNEY)

Frank and Lily ran through the streets of London, wreaking havoc along the way.

While nothing has been set up for a sequel, the franchise’s future is more than open to continuing.

Since the first film was based on a mythical treasure, the series could continue with one of its countless legendary artifacts – much like the Indiana Jones series.

Additionally, Johnson and Blunt have already spoken out about a possible sequel in the works.

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In a recent interview, Johnson said of a sequel, “When this project came along, I saw it had a great script and a phenomenal director. When it comes to a franchise, I don’t think that far ahead.

“You don’t want to count your blessings in advance, but people all over the world are starting to see the film and there are talks at Disney to come back.”

He then joked: “Just with another co-star.” (Via The Straits Times)

While the pair couldn’t say too much about either sequel, Blunt couldn’t resist praising Disney’s first outing.

Blunt said: “They built this extraordinary Amazonian village into a rock face that overlooks a reservoir and it was breathtaking – huge, detailed and beautiful.

“I think when it came down to it, we made something extraordinary and epic.”

Johnson joked again: “It was surreal – this is a huge project based on an iconic Disney ride. This is an incredible moment. It’s a milestone in my career, although I wish I had a different opponent.”

Jungle Cruise is now in theaters and available on Disney Plus with Premier Access.


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