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While Manifesters continue to wait for some good news regarding the fate of Manifest, diehard fans are getting some great news about Manifest season 3. While the canceled NBC series hasn’t been picked up by Netflix, the latest episodes are coming soon.

After months of finding success on Netflix post-cancellation, NBC and the streaming giant remain in talks to potentially bring the fan-favorite series back. Since getting the axe in June and streaming its first two seasons on Netflix, it’s been the most-watch streaming show.

Because of the huge fan push behind the series, as well as the undying passion from the cast and creator of Manifest, the series is closer than ever to making a triumphant comeback. But some fans are still trying to get Manifest season 3 on their watch lists.

Even though the third season isn’t coming to Netflix in the US in August 2021, Manifesters in Canada just got some amazing news. Look out for Manifest season 3 making a smooth landing into your Netflix watch lists in August.

Manifest season 3 Netflix release date

That’s right! According to What’s on Netflix, Manifest season 3 is coming to Netflix Canada on Friday, Aug. 27, 2021. While there’s still a fair amount of waiting to do, that’s amazing for Canadian Manifesters new and old to finally have the latest 13 episodes.

The news comes as something as a positive sign for other fans around the world keeping their fingers crossed that the third season will soon make its way to Netflix in their country. We’re especially eager to get our eyes on the new season in the US.

When is Manifest season 3 coming to Netflix US?

Unfortunately, a confirmed release date for Manifest season 3 in the Unite States didn’t also arrive with the Canada announcement. Season 3 wasn’t included in Netflix’s list of new release movies and shows for August 2021, so don’t pencil in Aug. 27 just yet.

While a surprise drop isn’t completely off the table considering it’s how the series came to Netflix in the first place, we aren’t expecting season 3 to start streaming until spring 2022 at the latest. Of course, we’re hoping for a sooner release date sometime this year.

Stay tuned for more Manifest news and updates from Netflix Life!

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