SMT V Hayatarou supports and protects your party

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SMT V Hayatarou supports and protects your party

the daily Shin Megami Tensei V demon Atlus introduced today is a newcomer to the franchise: Hayatarou. He is a sacred demon from Japanese mythology who guarded the Kozen-ji Temple after a priest helped a wild mountain dog give birth to puppies.

The video begins with a brief introduction to Hayatarou’s parentage. Because of his past as a temple guard, he has many stories about killing demons around him. While Hayatarou shows off a powerful physical attack, he also has a strong support kit. For example, he has an ability that increases his accuracy and evasion, as well as a greater chance of drawing aggro. This means he can protect more fragile party members without necessarily taking damage. Additionally, Hayatarou can heal party members’ HP and heal status issues.

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The teaser ends with a rather peculiar silhouette, teasing a member of the Femme clan. With Hayatarou, Atlus has introduced 45 demons that will appear in SMT V. In total, they will show off 214 demon digest teasers. Previously they showed:

  1. Moloch
  2. preta
  3. Ongyo-Kic
  4. Throne
  5. Silky smooth
  6. Kurama Tengu
  7. Fuu-Kic
  8. slime
  9. onmoraki
  10. Cu Chulainn
  11. scathach
  12. Queen May
  13. Kin-Kic
  14. succubus
  15. Garuda
  16. Archangel
  17. Thor
  18. Erthys
  19. daffodils
  20. Legion

SMT V will be released on November 11, 2021 on Nintendo Switch in Japan. It will be released worldwide on November 12.

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