PlayStation Now will add NieR: Automata, Ghostrunner and more in August

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Sony has now unveiled the new PlayStation Now games they’ll be adding in August, and they’re closing the summer off with a bang. Ghostrunner and Undertale will be added to PS Now permanently, while NieR: Automata will receive the temporary ‘blockbuster game’ treatment.

Here are a few more details about the new PS Plus additions:

NieR: Vending Machines (available until November 1)

In this captivating action RPG, invaders from another world attack without warning and unleash machine life forms. To break the deadlock, a new breed of Android infantry is sent into battle: the YoRHa Squad. Join androids 2B and 9S in their ferocious battle to reclaim an overrun dystopia and experience enchanting, fast-paced combat that is the specialty of development studio PlatinumGames.


Wield a knife and perform amazing parkour feats to blast your way through a megastructure tower city in this intense, fast-paced first-person adventure. Slice your enemies to pieces with a monomolecular katana, dodge bullets with your superhuman reflexes and use a variety of specialized techniques to overcome. One-hit one-kill mechanics make combat fast and intense. Use your superior mobility (and frequent checkpoints!) to engage in a fearless, never-ending dance with death.


In this top-down adventure, you control a human who falls underground in the world of monsters. Now you have to find your way out… or be trapped forever! Explore a rich RPG world full of strange and delightful characters where violence is not the only answer: any enemy can be defeated nonviolently. Negotiate out of danger using a unique combat system. Dance with a slime… pet a dog… whisper your favorite secret to a knight… or ignore all that and let your enemies destroy you. The choices are yours, but are you determined enough to be victorious?

New PlayStation Now subscribers get 7 days free, after that the service is available for $10 per month. You can use the full list of games currently available here. Subscribers can now stream games in full 1080p.

Are there any PlayStation Now subscribers? Which of the new games will you jump into first?

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