Google unveils a new model of Pixel phones equipped with smart chips

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Google has unveiled a new model of its Pixel smartphone, which is equipped with an artificial intelligence chip built on the model of data center processors.

It is scheduled to launch “Pixel 6” on the market later this year and runs on fifth generation (5G) technology and includes a “Tensor” chip. The exact date of its marketing and the price has not yet been revealed. “Overall, it’s a chip-based, AI-powered mobile system,” said Google Devices Vice President Rick Osterloo during a media briefing at the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. “We are very excited. We are paving the way for the project to grow.”

And the “Pixel 6” is equipped with an array of imaging sensors on the back of the phone and its screen extends 16.2 centimeters and is also available in the specialized “Pro” model in a slightly larger size. Google’s Pixel phones have captured only a small share of the global smartphone market, controlled by Samsung and Apple, along with Chinese manufacturers. These phones are a way for Google to showcase the capabilities of its Android mobile operating system, a free system that serves as a reference for other manufacturers.

“We have always designed our products to advance technology,” said Sundar Pichai, general manager of Google. Google revealed its smart chip-based product at a time when the world is facing a shortage in chip manufacturing, affecting industries ranging from the automotive industry to computers.

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