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If you’re loving In the Dark season 3 on The CW, you’re probably wondering when you can get your next fix of the crime dramedy. Likewise, fans of In the Dark who keep up with the underrated gem on Netflix are more than likely eager to catch the latest episodes on their watch lists.

Picking up in the figuratively explosive aftermath of the second season, In the Dark season 3 finds Murphy, Jess, Felix and Max on the run following their role in the death of drug lord Nia Bailey. With cops hot on their path, they split up in Canada, which only leads to further problems.

Without giving away further spoilers from the new season, that’s what In the Dark fans can expect from season 3. More than ever, the series is as thrilling and suspenseful as the stakes reach an all-time high for Murphy and her partners in crime.

Unfortunately, In the Dark season 3 won’t be coming to Netflix in August 2021. When the streaming giant announced its complete list of new release movies and shows for the month, In the Dark wasn’t included among the upcoming additions.

In the Dark season 3 release date on Netflix

Even though In the Dark has taken a three-week hiatus after the first five episodes of season 3, the season hasn’t ended and will return in August. That means that if you were hoping the latest episodes would be coming to Netflix, you’ll have to keep waiting until the season is over.

In the Dark season 3 will continue airing on Aug. 11 at 9/8c after the return of Riverdale season 5 at 8/7c. There’s no doubt that the shows are the perfect pairing to watch back-to-back, and we can only hope that Riverdale’s passionate fandom will stick around for In the Dark.

Because In the Dark will return with the sixth episode of season 3 in mid-August, we can expect the rest of the season to air uninterrupted, though that (as well as an official episode count) has not been confirmed by The CW.

If the series repeats history and airs 13 episodes, the season should come to a close on Sept. 29, which would mean season 3 would start streaming on Netflix eight days later on Oct. 7. Of course, scheduling changes could occur, but we should see season 3 on Netflix in October 2021.

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