PSVR 2 with Fresnel OLED screens with a resolution of 2000 × 2040, HDR display; Release plans to be revealed in early 2022 – rumor

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The PSVR 2 headset is set to significantly improve the VR experience on PlayStation 5, judging by some new details that have surfaced online today.

PSVR without parole, a well-known source for PSVR information, revealed in a new video shared today that Sony has confirmed some PSVR 2 details at a new developer summit. During this summit, it was confirmed that the next-gen PSVR headset will feature Fresnel OLED screens with a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, HDR display and a 110-degree FOV.

In addition to Foveated Rendering, the PSVR 2 will also utilize Flexible Scaling Resolution, which, along with eye tracking, allows the headset to scale resolution based on the player’s view, reducing the impact on performance. The headset will also use haptics to reduce motion sickness and improve immersion.

According to PSVR without Parole, Sony also revealed some new details about the new controller. The new controller will feature capacitive touch sensors, in addition to the haptics and adaptive triggers confirmed earlier this year.

With the PSVR 2, Sony also wants to move away from the VR experiences that predominate for the current headset and focus on AAA games that can be played with or without VR. Some original PSVR games can also be remastered for the next-gen headset.

Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be hearing much about the PSVR 2 release date for the foreseeable future. Apparently, Sony will reveal more about the headset’s launch plans in early 2022.

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Yesterday’s PlayStation VR2 developer summit revealed a ton of new details about Sony’s upcoming headset. Here’s everything we’ve learned.

The release date of PSVR 2 has not yet been confirmed. We’ll keep you posted as more comes in, so stay tuned for the latest.

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