Burglars beware! New Google cameras make home security obsolete

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Google’s new Nest runs on batteries (Image: GOOGLE)

Google’s Nest brand has been monitoring homes for the past 10 years with an extensive range of smart cameras, thermostats and smoke detectors connected via Wi-Fi. Now the company is back with some new additions to its range and this could be exactly what many consumers have been waiting for.

Perhaps the most exciting is the new Nest Doorbell that sticks to your home and sends alerts when someone arrives at the front door. Nest fans will know that the company already sells its award-winning Hello doorbell, but that device needs to be plugged in to work, making it expensive and cumbersome to install.

That all changes with the Nest Doorbell, as this device is completely battery-operated, meaning anyone can easily charge it and hang it on the wall.

And don’t panic about the battery pack running out of power while you wait for an Amazon delivery, as Google thinks a single charge will last a few months with average use.

In addition to being easy to assemble, another bonus of this new camera is that Google offers three hours of free recording and playback.

That obviously won’t let you see what happened on your ride overnight, but it’s better than the Nest Hello which doesn’t have an option to see footage without paying Google for the privilege.

If you want to keep an eye on things for more than three hours, you can still sign up to Nest Aware for 30 days of event video history (£5 per month), or the Nest Aware Plus 60-day Playback subscription (€10, – per month).

Other nifty features coming to the Nest Doorbell include a more modern and streamlined design plus four types of smart alerts, meaning the camera knows if it’s seen a person, a package being delivered, a cat wandering by, or a vehicle outside. arrives.

Google also thinks its new cameras have become more intelligent, allowing them to send fewer false alerts to the owner.

Of course, like the Nest Hello, the moment someone presses the button, a notification is sent directly to the account holder’s smartphone and the device can also be connected to other Nest products such as the Nest Mini or Nest Hub, so that users can see who is standing at their front door.

Along with the Nest Doorbell, Google is also launching a new battery-powered outdoor camera, the Nest Cam (battery). As the name suggests, this device can also be taped to the outside of your home without cables.

Google says this device has been optimized for a clearer view in a variety of conditions, meaning it should be perfect for the UK’s ever-changing weather.

It also features 1080p video quality with night vision and HDR, meaning you can see what’s in the frame in bright sun or in the middle of the night.

Finally, if the Wi-Fi goes down or if there’s a power outage, Nest Cam will automatically save up to an hour’s worth of recorded events to its local memory, so you’ll never miss a thing.

If you’ve been waiting for these cameras, they’ll go on sale later this month, with the Nest Cam (battery) costing £179.99 and the Nest Doorbell £179.99.

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