James Bond: No Time To Die Box Office Prospects Don’t Look Profitable – Delay Until 2022?

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Originally slated for an October 2019 release, Daniel Craig’s fifth and final James Bond film is currently slated to debut in UK cinemas on September 30. While American cinemas will show the blockbuster a week later. But now a new report on No Time To Die’s box office prospects claims they don’t look profitable — if the current release date goes through.

According to James Bond news website MI6 HQ, No Time To Die will be the most expensive James Bond film ever made.

The last time the cost of the new 007 film was publicly deposited with Companies House in the UK, the total was £214 million, from £199.5 million due to interest charges.

And a year later, that has since risen to about £226 million, which is about $314 million converted into US dollars.

In fact, once the ad cost is added, it comes down to $464 million — the amount of total revenue that needs to be earned to make the movie profitable.

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James Bond: No Time To Die Box Office Prospects Don’t Look Profitable – Delay Until 2022? (Image: GETTY)

no time to die poster

No time to die poster (Image: UP)


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With the box office split between the movie exhibitor and the movie’s distributors, MGM expects to earn about 50 percent of every dollar spent on movie tickets worldwide.

So No Time To Die would now have to make at least $928 million worldwide to not lose money, something no film has achieved since the start of the pandemic.

Fast and Furious 9, from Vin Diesel’s auto franchise, which has hit the $1 billion milestone in the last few outings, has made just $642 million to date since its release in June.

MI6 HQ pointed out that the 2021 box office has seen huge films like Fast 9 and Black Widow, which see a precipitous drop in ticket sales in the second week despite little completion.

binding and paloma

No Time To Die was recorded in 2019 (Image: MGM)

MI6 HQ concluded: “All the evidence points to the likelihood that if No Time To Die is released in October 2021, it will not meet the $928 million global box office it needs to break even.

“Even if it somehow makes a profit, it’s probably the least successful James Bond film in terms of return on investment.”

The Bond news channel then considered some possible FAQs from readers about a sixth delay for No Time To Die until 2022.

On whether another delay would further damage 007’s blockbuster, they wrote: “No one knows what impact another delay would have on the final box office, but if MGM charts the expected returns under the current circumstances, it will be a loss, it will be a cold hard economic decision to push through 2022 with potential for profit. ”

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While the website looked on the bright side of a further slowdown, it pointed out that 2022 will mark the 60th anniversary of the Bond film franchise.

They wrote: “The [billion-dollar] box office for Skyfall was no doubt boosted by the events and publicity the 50th anniversary enjoyed.

“So this could be the upside of an otherwise disappointing slowdown.”

No Time To Die is currently scheduled for release in UK cinemas on September 30, 2021 and in US cinemas on October 8.


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