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Chicago Med made it’s land on Netflix July 22 bringing with it the question of whether Dick Wolf’s other series in the Chicago franchise would be coming to the streamer as well, especially the show that started it all Chicago Fire.

Unfortunately, the drama about Firehouse 51 isn’t currently available on Netflix.

So, if you’re curious about the firefighters who recur on Chicago Med you won’t be able to watch their stories unfold on our favorite streaming platform.

Here’s what we know about where you can watch Chicago Fire along with whether the drama will be making its way to Netflix sometime in the future.

Where to stream Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is available to stream on Peacock. All nine seasons can be watched on the platform. When a new season is airing on NBC, fans of the show can stream episodes next-day on Hulu. Those episodes, however, expire and leave the platform over time. Currently, five episodes of season 9 are available to view on Hulu.

Chicago Fire release date on Netflix

Right now it’s unclear if Chicago Fire will, if ever, make its way to Netflix. According to What’s On Netflix, Wolf renewed his overall deal with NBC back in 2020. Chicago Med‘s landing on the streamer came as a surprise considering the show’s streaming home is Peacock.

What’s On Netflix posits that Chicago Med‘s release on Netflix was likely to boost interest in the show using the popular streaming platform ahead of season 7’s fall premiere. Netflix only has season 1-5. The sixth season streams on Peacock which would prompt new fans of the series to give NBC’s streaming arm a try.

ViacomCBS did the same thing with Evil in October 2020. The series has since moved to Paramount+ off of the CBS channel, and has seen exceptional success with its second season likely due to this strategy. Evil was renewed for a third season only a couple of week’s into the show’s release schedule.

If NBC does see success with this strategy for Chicago Med perhaps seasons of Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. could eventually find their way to Netflix in the coming months or in 2022. However, it’s likely they won’t. An audience drawn to Peacock for the medical drama would just explore the rest of the Chicago franchise on that platform.

We’ll keep you posted on Chicago Fire‘s release date on Netflix should anything change. Until then, check out our sister site, One Chicago Center, your go-to site for coverage on Wolf’s Chicago franchise as a whole.

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