PS5 Standard Edition is now selling for a profit, Sony says, PS4 sales are steadily falling

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earlier this morning Sony has released their results for the first quarter of their fiscal year 2022 (which runs through March 31, 2022), and it was good news for their PlayStation business in general. From April to the end of June, Sony sold 2.3 million more PlayStation 5 units, bringing total sales to 10.1 million units. That said, demand for the long-in-the-tooth PS4 seems to be declining quite quickly, as the company only sold about 500 thousand units in the past quarter (they sold nearly 2 million in the same period last year). Not exactly a shock, but if Sony hoped to continue making significant PS4 sales well into the PS5’s life, it looks like they’re out of luck.

Perhaps the best positive news for Sony’s gaming business is that the Standard Edition PS5 is reportedly already selling for a profit, less than a year after launch. The cheaper PS5 Digital Edition hasn’t reached the break-even point yet, but Sony hopes this will be offset by sales of peripherals and accessories. Despite ongoing semiconductor shortages, Sony remains generally confident they will be able to meet their FY 2022 PS5 sales targets

Our forecast for fiscal year ’22 remains unchanged from the previous forecast. And there’s no change in this fiscal year’s target to sell more than 14.8 million PlayStation 5 units, the number we sold in the fiscal year following PlayStation 4’s launch.

Sony is taking away the 2.3 million units sold already in the first quarter of 2022, and plans to move another 12.3 million by the end of March next year. That’s a decent stock, but don’t expect to walk into a store and buy a PS5 any time soon – the console will be scarce well into the next year, it seems. For those who don’t have a PS5 yet, are you hoping to get your hands on one in a few months?

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