The Chinese company outperforms Apple and Samsung in phone sales

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The Chinese company, Xiaomi, surpassed smartphone sales worldwide during the month of June, surpassing Samsung and Apple.

A report from a research firm specializing in monitoring the smartphone market revealed that Xiaomi’s sales increased in June by 26% and, in light of this, the Chinese company accounted for 17.1% of all smartphones. sold globally.

According to the data, the share of the company “Samsung” reached 15.7 percent of the global smartphone market last June, while the share of “Apple” was 14.3 percent.

“Since the Huawei crisis, Xiaomi has made consistent and resolute efforts to bridge the gap created by this crisis,” said Tarun Pathak, an expert at Counterpoint.

Furthermore, experts associate the rapid growth of Xiaomi’s sales due to the limitation of the supply of “Samsung” smartphones to the Chinese market, as well as the suspension of the production of “Samsung” phones in Vietnam, in light of the new wave of the Corona epidemic. .

But experts expect Samsung to return to the top spot in the smartphone market after the outbreak.

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