FIFA 22 Release Date News: When is FIFA 22 Beta? When will the FIFA 22 demo come out?

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FIFA 22 Beta & Demo Release Date News – When is the FIFA 22 Demo & Beta Coming Out? How do you sign up for beta? (Image: EA)

The FIFA 22 Closed Beta launches this week, giving gamers their first chance to try out EA’s highly anticipated new footie game. According to the well-known leaker FUTzone, the beta release date of FIFA 22 is set for Wednesday, August 11. And it is believed that beta codes for this technical test have already been sent.

Towards the beginning of this month, @FUTZONECENTRAL tweeted: “Wednesday, August 11 is the date when the #FIFA22 Beta goes live. Codes will be shipped this weekend!”

It has not been revealed which game modes can be used during the FIFA 22 beta, nor is it clear how long the beta will last.

If you are hoping to participate in the FIFA 22 beta, you must have received an invitation from EA to participate.

To be eligible for a FIFA 22 beta code, you must be a verified FUT Champions player.

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This means that you must have won at least 27 FUT matches in one weekend.

You’ll also need to make a few adjustments to your account to increase your chances of receiving a FIFA 22 beta code.

• First go to the Email Preferences section of your EA Account

• Next, make sure you’ve opted in to be notified of new EA services and receive news emails

• Then you need to select FIFA 21, Ultimate Team, FIFA Mobile and other favorite games

• Then choose the desired platform of your choice

• And finally select update

To be eligible, you must also live in the UK or the US.

FIFA 22 cover art with Kylian Mbappe

PSG superstar Kylian Mbappe is back on FIFA cover (Image: EA)

If you don’t receive an invite to the FIFA 22 beta, you still have another chance to play the game before the October release date.

That’s because a FIFA 22 demo may be on the way.

EA usually releases a free demo for its upcoming new FIFA game, but last year the gaming giant went against this trend.

This was due to the pressure associated with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

We’ll have to wait and see if it’s a similar story this year.

The FIFA demo usually launches a few weeks before EA’s full release date.

If EA follows a similar pattern with a potential FIFA 22 demo, we could see it coming out around mid-September.

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