Street Fighter V – The Hot Summer Update

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We won’t stop the series street fighter huge Capcom, a machine that has been around for about thirty years. This Summer 2021 announces the arrival of a new update with the arrival of characters from the past, present and future of Capcom for Season 5. Whether on Playstation 4 or PC, warm up your little thumbs for August 16, 2021.

Street Fighter V – Summer Update 2021


Street Fighter V - The Hot Summer Update
Oro from SFIII is back with his turtle friend.

oro, famous character of Street Fighter III, appeared in SFV, keeping his skills well known to players, in addition to new moves for his arrival with his turtle friend.

Are V-skill are :

  • orbital : allows the recall of a 3-way projectile.
  • minomushic : allows the realization of a high attack Khaki Otosh or a blocking kick says Eda Uchi, since a jump made byr Oro.
Street Fighter V - The Hot Summer Update
Still so fearless, dear Oro.

with regard to his V-Trigger :

  • Manrikitan : gives access to priority Kishinrik and Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Guruma, achievable in the air or on the ground.
  • tengu stone : Allows summoning three objects that open access to combos. Pressing the down key simultaneously while activating it will remove 5 objects, draining your V-meter faster.

Welcome Akira Kazama!

Street Fighter V - The Hot Summer Update
After Rival Schools, Akira is introduced to the world of Street Fighter.

Straight from another 1997 game titled Rival Schools by CapcomAkira arrives in the franchise to wreak havoc with his close combat techniques, which include special moves such as:

  • Kiko Kai, a projection of energy that can be magnified and accelerated thanks to the EX version.
  • Urarimon : is a forward push that decreases the distance between her and her opponent, dealing a lot of damage at the end of combos.
  • Senshubu : Allows you to strike from any angle and perform a second kick in low, medium or high position.

with regard to his V-skills :

  • Kiko Rensei : Improves the Kiko Kai by dealing more hits and damage.
  • Tsutenda : Allows you to launch your opponent into the air and continue the attack in the air.
Street Fighter V - the hot summer update
Don’t stay with her too much, you will regret it.

Be first V-Trigger :

  • Otoko No Senaka : send brother ofAkira, Daigo, to strike his opponents and takes off by executing a blast of energy.
  • Haten no Kamae : is positioned to perform 3 different attacks.

Luke, brand new character from Street Fighter V!

Street Fighter V - the hot summer update
Luke, a new character entering the series for the first time.

At this point, we don’t know anything about this famous Luke, the new character joining the series in Street Fighter V. The only two things we know are his first name and that he will be playable from November 2021.

Clothing store :

A free trial is available from August 4 to August 18 to try out the characters from Seasons 1 to 4.

Here are the different editions and passes to prepare for Season 5 of Street Fighter V :

Playstation 4 :

Small bonus, the scenario expansion At Shadow Falls is free.

Steam :

  • Standard edition at 7.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros.
  • Champion Edition Upgrade Kit + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle for 35.08 euros instead of 64.98 euros including the game, theUpgrade Kit, Special Wallpaper, Season 5 Premium Pass.
  • Champion Edition + Season 5 Premium Pass Bundle at 41.48 euros instead of 69.98 euros including the game, theUpgrade Kit, Special wallpaper, Season 5 Premium Pass.
  • Champion edition for 19.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros including the game, theUpgrade Kit and the Special wallpaper.
  • Season 5 Character Pass for 18.74 euros instead of 29.99 euros until August 19.
  • Season 5 Premium Nos for 29.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros until August 19.
  • Other items are for sale on the site such as the game’s original soundtrack in standard version or the Champion Edition or even the expansions from previous seasons.

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