Vivo ‘was inspired by a John Candy movie’

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Netflix recently released the latest creation from Hamilton author Lin-Manuel Miranda, Vivo. The story of a young animal who communicates through music and is tasked with delivering a love letter from his father figure. Quiara Alegría Hudes, who also collaborated with Miranda on In The Heights, wrote a lot of Vivo and paid particular attention to how Gabi (Ynairaly became Simo).

Gabi is a rambunctious young woman who makes no apologies for her larger-than-life nature and personality.

When these aspects of Gabi clash with Vivo, the pair struggle to get their jobs done without losing each other.

Speaking exclusively with explained that this effect was created by looking back at some older buddy movies — one of which was a classic 1987 John Candy movie.

She said: “[I watched] Planes, trains and cars and these movies about odd couple friendships.”

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Vivo and Gabi during their adventure (Image: NETFLIX)

Vivo gabic

Vivo: Gabi’s song was a standout moment of the movie (Image: NETFLIX)

Hudes continued: “Friendships that arise from conflict can sometimes feel a little more authentic and urgent because they have a lot of obstacles. So that was the goal.

“We started [Gabi and Vivo] in really different places in terms of who they are and they had to earn each other’s affinity.”

Gabi was a special project for Hudes, who had a specific image in her mind of what she wanted the young woman to look like.

In particular, she wanted to distinguish Gabi from other young animated women.

Vivo gabic

Vivo and Gabi worked together – but had to work on it (Image: NETFLIX)

Rather than being the conventional beauty hidden by the circumstances, Hudes wanted to make a real firecracker.

Hudes recalled, “First of all, I wanted some girl power here. I wanted to bust this elegance and refinement they both had, so for Gabi to encompass both things, I really wanted to write wild kid animated girl.

“Not a girl who looks and looks nice, but inside feels like a black sheep – no!

“A girl who carries her black sheepishness inside, outside, everywhere.”

Hudes added: “I definitely felt that growing up in a big family of Puerto Rican girls and women, how we modeled the outsides of girl characters… I felt some limitations there… I really wanted them out. would see if the box is like her personality.”

However, it wasn’t just Hudes’s experience growing up that inspired Gabi. She was also inspired by a real family member.

She confessed: “Gabi was inspired a lot by my little sister… I was the nerdy square one, and then I had this little sister born when I was 13.

“She really shook me free from these more sophisticated habits. She was just unabashed… her life was just a celebration of how wonderful she was! From the moment she could walk and talk!”

Hudes continued: “She didn’t apologize for loving herself, even when the world said you’re too chubby, you’re too loud…she brought me so much joy.”

In Vivo, Gabi moves on to invigorate everyone around her with inspiration for their future, and indeed the next steps in their lives.

It seems that Hudes’ younger sister did the same for her.

Vivo is now available on Netflix.

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