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When Dynasty season 4 premiered on The CW in May 2021, the opening scene showed Fallon donning a chic black veil at a funeral. She sat directly in front of the closed casket and was noticeably emotional about the loss. But we had to wait to catch up to the flash forward.

Since the season 4 premiere, a few more glimpses of Fallon at the funeral revealed two more people in her orbit attending the funeral, effectively removing potential candidates from the list. We know definitively who doesn’t die, but who won’t make it to see Dynasty season 5?

For the worldwide fans who haven’t yet gotten the chance to watch Dynasty season 4 for themselves on Netflix, we won’t reveal the identity of who was in the casket until after the break. However, just know it was a truly devastating and unexpected loss for the series.

If you wish to remain unspoiled, look away now. But if you’re a tried and true Dynasty stan looking for clarity on episode 13’s monumental plot twist, we’re breaking down the biggest question of the season. Warning: Spoilers from Dynasty season 4 ahead!

Does Cristal die in Dynasty season 4?

Going in to Dynasty season 4, episode 13, titled “Go Rescue Someone Else,” there were at least a handful of characters who could have unexpectedly met their end. Naturally, Cristal’s battle with a brain tumor made her a frontrunner for death, but she pulls through her surgery.

While Cristal’s brain tumor was a callback to the original series and a way for Daniella Alonso to take it easy during her real-life pregnancy, Blake’s near-death experience on his private plane could have also spelled disaster, though he managed to land the plane himself.

Meanwhile, Culhane found himself on the wrong end of a broken wine bottle during a fight with the bad lot he and Sam have gotten into business with, and Kirby very nearly overdosed — her second almost death this season. Still, it’s unlikely that Kirby will die.

Who dies in Dynasty season 4?

Unfortunately, her father wasn’t so lucky. During his and Fallon’s rescue of a kidnapped Liam (we knew Liam wouldn’t die, so there was no need to worry), Anders gets shot and suffers some cracked ribs. On his way to visit Cristal at the hospital, he reaches for the flowers that fell to the floor and crashes into a lamppost.

No one could have seen Anders dying, and it’s a heartbreaking loss for Dynasty. Didn’t Anders learn anything from Dawson’s Creek? Don’t reach down for fallen items while driving! Since it’s Dynasty, we have to wonder: Did Anders really die? We’ll have to wait and see!

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