Game Update: What’s new in the August 13 update

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Aliens Fireteam Elite was updated to version 1.02 today by Cold Iron Studios. You can find the full patch notes for this update here.

Following are the patch notes for the day one update for Aliens Fireteam: Elite. It includes the addition of a Horde mode and several new language support. The download size of this day one update is about 14 GB.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Update 1.02 Patch Notes Notes

New functions

• Horde Mode

• Horde mode is in! Complete the campaign, then talk to Shipp back on the Endeavor to unlock this new gameplay mode.

Kits, weapons and battles

• Balance and difficulty for all difficulty levels.

• “Park’s Store” price adjustments.

Enemies and Encounters

• Xenomorph AI and Path Improvements

• Population adjustments for multiple campaigns.

Content and environments

• Balance and difficulty for all difficulty levels.

• Extra polish and bugfixing for the end of the escape sequence in the final mission of the campaign “The Only Way to Be Sure”.

• Targeted GPU/CPU optimizations and performance improvements for PC and all console platforms.

• Visual improvements to the environment and lighting for all campaigns.

• Numerous solutions for environmental and lighting problems in all campaigns.


• Gameplay and GPU optimizations

• Matchmaking stability and bug fixing

• AI Teammate bug fixing and improvements


• Added support for:

• Simplified Chinese)

• Chinese traditional)

• French

• German

• Italian

• Portuguese (Brazil)

• Russian

• Spanish

• Czech

• Polish

• Korean

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