State of Play PS5: when is the next Sony event? Rumors of PlayStation announcements?

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When is the next State of Play PS5 event? Potential Stream Date Revealed (Image: SONY)

Sony could be hosting a new State of Play broadcast soon. While Xbox and Nintendo have held their biggest event of the year so far at E3 2021, the PS5 makers have yet to hold a similar event. Sony has been streaming some State of Play broadcasts, but we haven’t had the burst of information you’d expect at an E3 event.

However, this may all change soon.

Rumor has it that Sony will host another State of Play broadcast in August.

It was previously claimed that the next state of affairs would take place on Thursday, August 12.

This was according to a tweet from Roberto Serrano, who leaked the rescheduled date for last year’s Future of Gaming PS5 event.

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Serrano later claimed that Sony’s big one-hour State of Play event could now take place in September, with a shorter broadcast in August.

And we may have now found out when the August State of Play will take place.

Earlier this week, tweeter @HazzadorGamin claimed that a state of play could take place on Thursday, August 19.

The Twitter user also claimed that Bloodborne creators are making FromSoftware an exclusive game for the PS5.

Before you get too excited though, a return to Yharnam is out of the question with this rumored, unannounced title.

HazadorGamin posted: “Rumor-Sony State of Play Show around Aug 19 #StateOfPlay

“FromSoftware also makes Souls like Exclusive for Ps not Bloodborne 2… This comes from the same source that revealed Ghost of Tsushima iki island dlc via Dealer Gaming #Playstation”.

Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon Forbidden West release date is rumored to be delayed (Image: SONY)

This leak was then highlighted by @Shpeshal_Nick of the XboxEra podcast who backed up the rumors from FromSoftware.

The XboxEra co-host tweeted, “My rumor mill has gone *** again.”

In a later posted Shpeshal_Nick, he revealed that he would also be sharing the FromSoftware news, which he had also heard about.

He posted: “No, this is about the From PS5 Exclusive. That was my rumor mill for next week.”

As these rumors circulated, Future Games Show producer James Jarvis also tweeted about the following state of affairs.

Jarvis predicted in the next state of affairs that there will be confirmation that the Horizon Forbidden West release date will be delayed, as well as a new “surprise announcement”.

Jarvis posted: “Rumors suggesting the next Sony State of Play will be announced tomorrow. With the August 19 stream. If so, I expect it will include: Horizon delay officially confirmed with new gameplay.

“Kena extended look.

“Update on Gran Turismo.

“New surprise announcement”.

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