Rival Schools unfold in the Street Fighter V: Akira Gameplay Trailer

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Akira Kazama, a crossover fighter from 1997’s Rival Schools: United By Fate, stars in Capcom’s latest Street Fighter V: Champion Edition gameplay preview.

The Street Fighter V summer update revealed the Akira gameplay trailer, which showcases the veteran biker and Bajiquan practitioner’s abilities. Her move list is based on Rival Schools but includes elements of her “Powered” form from Project Justice. Powerful strikes include Bajiquan’s explosive elbow and shoulder checks.

V-Skills are available to Akira. Her first V-Skill, Kiko Rensei, boosts her special attack, Kiko Kai. Her second V-Skill, Tsutenda, launches opponents for air combos. Her V-Shift evasion move is countered with a powerful elbow. Otoko no Senaka (“A Manly Back”) summons her brother, Rival Schools’ Daigo Kazama. Akira’s second V-Trigger, Haten no Kamae (“Broken Heaven Stance”), makes her take a one-legged stance and strike with her palms and elbows. Finally, her critical art combines with Daigo again.

The trailer shows Akira’s Street Fighter V costumes. Her story costume includes a biker suit with a skull helmet, her school uniform, a maid outfit, beachwear, and a tracksuit. Rival Riverside will be her unique stage.

Season 5 of the Street Fighter V Premium Pass and Character Pass includes Akira. The pass includes Dan, Rose, and Oro. Oro releases on August 16, 2021, alongside Akira.
Street Fighter V: Championship Edition is available now for PS4 and PC.

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