RuneScape Death Costs Issues Raised, Bosses Teleport Now Possible

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After Jagex released their most recent boss, Kerapac, the Bound, as the first front cover of Elder God Wars Dungeon, players have been vocal about the nature of RuneScape Death charges in the game. The discussions became a hot topic when a “free death week” was released alongside Kerapac, in which players enjoyed the new content without worrying about the consequences.

Death cost in RuneScape

If a player dies in RuneScape, they are sent to Death’s Office, where Death holds the items you would normally lose. Paying back Death allows you to reclaim your items.

If a player wears a Ring of Death when he dies, they will instead avoid death and respawn in the last respawn hub they visited. All of their items will remain intact, but the Ring of Death will lose a significant number of charges.

Credit: Jagex

Using a Ring of Death is usually cheaper, as charging it with Onyx gems is much cheaper than paying Death to get your high-quality equipment back.

The problem

At first glance, it seems that players who want a less punishing death mechanic are just right and want a simpler game with no risks. But if you look at a reddit post created on behalf of PvME (Player vs Monsters Encyclopedia, a community of players focused on data about PvM), the problem becomes apparent.

Disproportionate Risk vs Reward

The cost of death is proportional to the item’s Grand Exchange value, which is one of the biggest causes of the problem.

RuneScape Death Cost
Credit: Jagex

This means that the Death cost can often fluctuate as updates come out or as players discover tricks or new uses for existing gear.

Additionally, higher-level items are exponentially more expensive than the increase in damage they deal. And this also means that the cost of death is largely arbitrary, with two different gears of the same level with drastically different Death Costs.

This means that incredibly expensive items that deliver about a 2% increase in DPM (damage per minute) result in an exponentially higher risk. This discourages people from upgrading their gear, which goes against the nature of MMOs like RuneScape.

Credit: Jagex via u/chi_pa_pa

“Switchscape” (a term used to describe item changes at high bossing for optimal kill times) is also affected by this. This is because Switchscape requires multiple high-quality equipment that the player switches between during the boss fight.

This in turn further increases the RuneScape Death cost, due to the increased amount of equipment to be reclaimed from the dead.

Discourages PvM

Similar to how it discourages gear upgrading, the disproportionate risk versus reward for doing high levels discourages players from trying new content. JMods (Jagex Moderators) have stated that they are constantly reassessing the Death cost as they prevent players from participating in content they create.

Credit: Jagex

Essentially, as developers, they want players to try out the new content they release, and Death Costs is actively pushing players away.

Effect on students

At first, it seems that Death costs affect top PvMers. However, they affect students the most, as death is inevitable when learning bosses, and players can quickly lose their entire bank before making a profit.

RuneScape Death Cost

With the number of group bosses in play, PvMers are less likely to hire apprentices because in several cases, if one person messes up, the entire kill can be lost, resulting in huge costs for the entire team. This creates an even greater barrier for people who want to get into PvM.

Lack of ring diversity

As mentioned, Ring of Death can dramatically reduce the cost of death. But this means that Ring of Death is essentially a must-have in most scenarios, as the extra utility and damage boosts of other useful rings don’t outweigh the risk of higher Death costs in RuneScape.

Solutions for RuneScape Death Costs

Many solutions have been proposed, such as limiting the Death cost, a way to make the Ring of Death active while it is not being worn, or changing the way Death costs are calculated in RuneScape.

Credit: Jagex

OSRS [Old School RuneScape] recently introduced a new death system where the cost of death is fixed at a price that depends on the boss encounter. Their system avoids double engraving, has a system for sacrificing items and storing value in the coffin, and still continues to punish for dying. Something like this could be implemented very easily in RS3 as we already have an improved item retrieval service in Death’s Office.


Jagex is apparently in discussions internally about solutions to the problem, but for now they have allowed to teleport from (most) bosses in today’s update. Several bosses could not be teleported, and many of them are group bosses.

This meant that if one player dies and the kill is lost, everyone else had no choice but to die and equip the Ring of Death they hopefully brought with them.

RuneScape Death Cost
For those who don’t know, a one-time payment of a Royal Dwarven Gravestone will cut the cost of death by 5% / Credit: Jagex

Being able to teleport out of bosses (except Telos because of the kill streak mechanic) is a small step to solving the problem. We can hope that a good solution can be implemented soon.

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