Adopt Me Mythical Egg is currently out on Roblox

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Adopt Me Mythical Egg is currently out (Image: Adopt me)

Adopt Me Mythical Eggs are coming to the popular Roblox game this week and it won’t be long before gamers can unlock the latest pets.

The Mythic Egg was announced as the game earlier this month and offers the latest content update for fans across mobile, console and PC platforms.

And several announcements have been made this week revealing exactly when the new Mythic Egg will launch and what it will contain.

Here’s what fans can expect when the Adopt Me Mythical Egg hits Roblox’s servers this week:


The dedicated team behind Adopt Me have confirmed that the Mythical Egg will arrive in Roblox on Thursday, August 19 at 4pm BST.

The new update makes it possible to collect and train new pets, as well as enjoy the existing trading system.

From what’s been shared so far, there are over five new pets to unlock via Mythic Eggs, including Merhorses, Phoenixes, Kirin, Wolptingers, and Hydras.

There will be other pets and items to unlock after this week’s Roblox update, and the team is also looking for more fan ideas in the future, telling gamers:

“We’d love to read your suggestions, and while we can’t answer them all or put them in our game, you’re always welcome to send them in for consideration! Please submit any suggestions using our support form under ‘I have a suggestion’.

For those who haven’t used it yet, Roblox is an internet gaming platform that mainly focuses on multiplayer experiences.

It is a platform where user-created experiences can be shared and played using codes and search through the Roblox terminal.

These online games are called a “place” and are always published and shared through the Roblox app, whatever platform you use to play it.

The Roblox platform allows for building different genres and game types, although they all share similar aesthetic styles.

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