After pulling up the four big country comic festival, we discovered the secret behind the national elimination game

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Reported by GameLook/As a media reporter who has come into contact with many products, I often think: The development of large and small games to the extreme is always the IP, so what will be the development of an IP to the extreme?

Making festivals-seems to be a new choice for many game manufacturers to deepen their IP.

In my impression, in 2017, “Glory of the King” created the “Five-Five Black Festival” early on, becoming a regular program that draws closer relations between the official and players, and players; in the same period, “Juvenile Three Kingdoms” also launched the “616 “Youth’s Day”, which was merged with Youzu’s Anniversary this year, greatly enhanced the brand’s reputation.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand. From a passive perspective, festival creation is essentially an emphasis by game developers on their own culture (products, IP) to prevent them from dissolving their advantages in the constantly homogenized market, creating freshness and slowing down user loss. .

From a proactive point of view, game makers’ festival creation is a positive expansion of IP connotation and extension, with the purpose of enhancing the user group’s sense of identity and centripetal force. And by improving the rich dimensions of IP performance, attracting more players to settle in, forming a growing positive cycle, and finally achieving long-term IP operations.

Although it is not uncommon for the Internet to create festivals and even games to create festivals in recent years. But how to create a sense of atmosphere and create a festival dedicated to players still lacks a mature methodology.

Not long ago, the national level elimination game “Happy Elimination” tried to help answer this doubt through the second Happy Elimination Festival-Xianting Feast.

Cross-border festivals, using classic memories to evoke emotional resonance

The Fairy Court Feast is an exclusive festival launched by “Happy Dim Sum” for players. Since it is a festival, activities are indispensable. Not only that, this year’s Happy Elimination Festival also focused on the four major national comic IPs of Shanghai Film Studios, “Naos in Heaven”, “Nezha Naos in the Sea”, “Bao Lian Lan”, and “Calabash Brothers”.

However, in GameLook’s view, the effects of any cross-border activity are actually two-way, and the Elimination Festival is no exception.

Just like Marvel and DC superheroes to European and American children, most of the earliest hero worships in the memory of Chinese generations born in the 80s and 90s originated from the Shanghai Film Studios’ “Breaking Out in Heaven”, “Nezha’s Raid in the Sea”, “Bao Lian Lan”, and “The Calabash Brothers” Four classic movies.

I still remember that at that age full of illusions, I also imitated the Monkey King who was defying power and freedom; I envied Nezha, who fought against the Dragon King and was upright and courageous. In the summer vacation, I will read the story of Calabash Baby saving Grandpa over and over again, and sing the lyrics “Calabash Baby, Calabash Baby, Seven Flowers on a Vine” in front of the TV that has been carved into DNA.

On the other hand, “Happy Dim Sum”, which tries to establish a deep emotional bond with the players, not only insists on weekly updates and upgrades, but also looks for more classic IPs that are self-consistent in the world and can be integrated with the game world; especially the characters have their own Skilled IP can also help create novel elimination gameplay and enhance product texture and gameplay abundance.

The four major IPs of Shanghai Film and Television, which are full of childhood memories, can meet all the above conditions. Naturally, we can also provide multiple IPs with diverse and common worldviews at the elimination festival, an important annual event of “Happy Meeting”. Not to mention, when the national tide is prevailing, the national style art style of Shanghai Film is already well recognized, and the user acceptance is also higher.

Indeed, I was surprised and pleasantly surprised when I first entered the new version of the game. After fusion of the mythological elements of Shanghai Meiying and the game, a completely new fairyland world has been created with a brand-new cute country style.

At the most intuitive level of interaction, “Happy Match” is also actively integrated on the basis of the original gameplay. Just like in the theme level of “Nezha Naohai”, the official broke the shackles of the traditional 9X9 board to eliminate the board, and creatively added a 2×2 obstacle “lotus”. Elimination can accelerate the blooming of the lotus, and the Nezha, which reshapes the flesh of the lotus root, will also be born from it and use the universe circle to hit the ice surface. At the same time, obstacle elements such as shrimp soldiers and crabs and turtles are added, which perfectly echoes the story of “the East China Sea”. background.

In terms of level design, the traditional egg “Shape Off” of “Happy Match” also appeared in the level of this event. There are 7 doll-shaped gates on the iconic gourd vine in “The Gourd Baby”, as well as the Baolian Lantern and Monkey King-shaped gate. This kind of tacit understanding hidden in the details can always make old players smile.

Of course, the most immersive part of this elimination festival is the ultimate task of the main line-to open the happy fountain. After observing the industry for many years, I am well aware of the biggest pain point of “difficult storytelling” in match-3 games. However, “Happy Diminishment” has taken a different approach, cleverly created a happy fountain based on the fountain of Yaochi, and tells the story based on it: collecting 4 kinds of gems to bring out the IP story.

Players have gone through the process of gathering gems in the “Nine-Nine-Eight-One Difficulties” and successfully connected the four major IP stories with the game worldview. Passing through and collecting in the story greatly increases the immersion of the game, makes players ecstatic and hard to leave, just like the final chapter of the sequel to the four classic kingdoms.

Not only that, but the little easter eggs in the game also impressed me deeply. In addition to the combination and innovation of the gameplay level, the Elimination Festival also creates a “Xiantian atmosphere” that is very closely related to the main story.

For example, on the Heavenly Court souvenir page, I accidentally found the invisible baby in the gourd baby, and he will not hurriedly ridicule “Can you actually see me?” After the classic cartoon elements, the costume-like avatar frames and level flowers that are well-received by players… these ingenious designs can always make fans smile.

Reconstruction, surprise advancement, the inevitable development of IP to the extreme

In fact, the Fairy Tale Feast is not the first time that “Happy Diminishment” has made festivals. Last year, after the first Happy Elimination Festival went live in the summer, it immediately won unanimous praise from players.

With the original intention of “Museum of Elimination Gameplay”, the first eradication festival presented 9 gameplays in the form of an amusement park at one time, including rescue crabs, popcorn party, funny candy house, chicken flow and so on.

And these new modes also incorporate a lot of innovations on the basis of the traditional elimination gameplay. Any player who loves elimination can find their own dishes here. For example, “Ji Liu Yong Jin” requires players to break through the limits of the level site, so that Laimeng can get the swimming circle and successfully pass the level.

At the same time, the check-in system compatible with the theme of the amusement park also creates a more realistic holiday experience for players, thereby attracting players to discuss with each other and forming a good community atmosphere; the design of real-time lists and customized gifts also further stimulates participating users In addition, the ambassador Zhang Hanyun sang the theme song “Just Happy”, which once promoted the joyful atmosphere to the climax.

Unlike the first one, this Xianting Feast Elimination Festival has added the national style IP element, regardless of the art and gameplay design, it is more stylized, which represents the upgrade of the festival-making behavior of “Happy Elimination”-from highlighting the differences of products, Start to create a unique player culture and form a unique ecological atmosphere.

This move proved to be successful. In addition to the official efforts, more and more creators are attracted to join the process of creating the elimination festival, including every player, and even Guofeng UP master, Douyin Anchor masters who have considerable traffic on various platforms such as KOL:

Mysterious programmer god, art god sleeping wolf, national style dance god king Yiyi, national style sugar painting god September, Rap god fat house happy carving, B station high burning music Up master playing music EZ, ghost animal Up master Jiao Daxian Ah wait for the well-known KOLs to join the battle, and use your own way to set off the fun and eliminate the festival atmosphere. After a week of fermenting, the Weibo topic “Happiness has its own magical skills” has nearly 200 million views, and “Happy Xiaoxiaole” finally returned to the 4th free list.

But what impressed me the most was the theme song “Xianlu Prologue” composed by the master of Chinese music Wu Tong for the Elimination Festival. Based on the adaptation of the classic soundtracks from “A Harassment in Heaven”, “Nezha Nao to the Sea”, “Lotus Lantern”, and “The Calabash Brothers”, with folk music such as Bau, Bamboo Flute, Suona, Xiao, and Gao Yinsheng, Wu Tong played 9 instruments, Create a novel and intriguing music.

In a daze, it was as if the carefree age was back again. I seem to be the innocent child, and I watched in front of the TV foolishly after the summer vacation. Listening to the familiar melody over and over again, tears filled my eyes countless times in the scenes of Chenxiang’s reunion with his mother and Ne Zha’s dedication.

In fact, not all games can become IP. Similarly, not all IP is suitable for making festivals. A qualified game festival must be built on sufficient popularity and IP influence, as well as sufficient user recognition and extensive participation intentions. Judging from the enthusiasm of players and the enthusiastic participation of various talents and KOLs, “Happy Diminishment” is obviously the latter.

It even got a praise from the partner IP party Meiying. The other party said that the respect for the original IP, the imagination of the linkage gameplay, and the powerful execution ability made the entire eradication festival cooperation “a very pleasant experience.” . And most players said that “all are full of memories, I have to say that they are very creative”, “it would be great if there were movies, there are a lot of interesting things in them”.

This also means that the birth of the Elimination Festival is not an accident, but the inevitable development of IP to the extreme.

Shape with love and expand the diversified value of IP

Just like Le Element does not regard itself as a game company, “Happy Diminishment” has never trapped itself in the category of games.

Before the festival, “Happy Diminishment” had already made great achievements in the IP field. For example, expand IP linkage, launch peripherals, practice public welfare, and explore every possibility of IP as much as possible.

In December last year, “Happy Consumers” will launch a week-long special charity event of “Healthy Walk, Happy Life”. With the theme of “Healthy Steps Challenge”, combined with game content, players are encouraged to self-publish through the barriers. After barriers, various health science knowledge will be unlocked successively to help achieve the implementation of “health science popularization” and “national fitness”.

In addition, “Happy Dim Sum” is still exploring to assume more positive social values. For example, in the 2021 Spring Festival, which promotes the Chinese New Year in situ, the game responded to the call and used the public welfare micro-film “Old Opponents” to convey family companionship. At the same time, “Happy Match” also introduces the PVP real-time battle function in the game for a limited time, which provides a new social method for players who are difficult to reunite during the Spring Festival, which is very popular.

Strictly speaking, it is a two-time elimination festival, and there is indeed a bit of immaturity. But every era of elimination festival can be warmly welcomed by players, which has nothing to do with the recognition of the value of “Happy Elimination” IP itself.

And when we discuss making festivals, what are we discussing?

In fact, festivals cannot be created. A festival is a spiritual bond that maintains a certain group, condenses people’s thinking and embodies people’s pursuit.

In other words, festivals are only carriers and coats that carry people’s emotions, and the inner spirit is the essence. Similarly, the essence of Happy Elimination Festival is not a form of activity, but people’s love for “Happy Elimination” and game IP. Such love requires a platform for carrying and an outlet for expression. Fortunately, the Elimination Festival is playing this role.

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