BT Broadband Offers FREE Speed ​​Boost to Millions of Customers (Yes, Really)

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Considering paying for some extra speed? With BT Broadband you can try it now before you buy (Image: BT•GETTY)

Not sure if it’s worth paying extra for a faster broadband connection? BT has the solution. The broadband provider is now offering fiber customers the chance to try out a speed boost at no extra cost – allowing you to test faster Wi-Fi speeds of up to 500Mbps without entering into a 24-month contract.

During the trial period, BT will unlock faster speeds in your home. This means you can test the faster downloads for yourself – from streaming in Ultra HD, downloading updates to your PC, or making video calls while other family members stream or game online… the list goes on. This should give you a realistic idea of ​​whether faster speeds would improve your experience.

After all, your woeful Wi-Fi speeds may not be related to the speed of the connection entering your home. There are a number of reasons why your wireless signal may struggle to reach all the rooms in your home, including the placement of your router. If you’re using older devices, such as a first-generation Amazon Fire TV, buffering may not be solved by a faster Internet connection, but it may just be time to upgrade to a new streaming gadget.

If you decide not to upgrade to a faster broadband package, BT will automatically switch your connection back to the previous package at no extra cost.

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BT Broadband Speed ​​Upgrade Change Faster Trial Period

Faster speeds mean faster downloads and more leeway in busy households (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

The trial lasts a full month, so you have plenty of time to see what 500 Mbps can do for you. BT says the promotion is available to all new customers who sign up for the Full Fiber Essential or Full Fiber 1 bundles. These customers will then receive a Full Fiber 100 package, which is approximately five times faster. Meanwhile, Full Fiber 2 and Full Fiber 100 customers will see their packages upgraded to Full Fiber 500, saving £20 off the usual cost of opting for that bundle.

By comparison, the average home broadband speed recorded earlier this year was a measly 71.8 Mbps.

To activate the speed boost, customers can simply go to the ‘Broadband: Extras’ tab on the website and upgrade to a new package of their choice.

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Best BT Broadband Deals

BT has a number of broadband plans available with prices starting at £27.99 per month. At the moment BT offers free shipping and packaging and all offers include a landline.

From €27.99

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Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, BT said: “We are delighted to introduce the speed boost to new BT Full Fiber customers. With a growing number of connected devices in the home and Brits adopting technology so readily, it’s more important than ever to have the fastest speeds and best reliability on the market.

“We want to give our customers flexibility in the packages they choose, so we’re offering a one-month trial of faster packages at no extra cost. It can be hard to imagine what a game changer it is with ultra-fast and reliable connectivity, and this way BT customers can see the impact of the speed boost for themselves, without having to commit to an upgrade.”

Starting at £25.99 per month, BT’s full-fiber services are built on a gigabit-compatible broadband network, capable of delivering a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps. These future-proof cables offer ultra-fast upload speeds of up to 110 Mbps – perfect for live online gaming, smart surveillance cameras, home working and video calling, where uploading data requires almost as much as downloading.

BT customers with full fiber will also benefit from BT’s award-winning Smart Hub 2 – BT’s most powerful home router, with the option to turn off Complete Wi-Fi, guaranteeing a fast connection in every room of the house, or £100 back .

While Virgin Media connects nearly 16 million households to its Gig1 network, which offers the same download speeds of 1,000 Mbps, BT is a little further behind. Telecom’s Openreach brand, which provides broadband infrastructure for BT, Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone and a number of other popular brands, has reached 5.16 million properties in the UK.

Since you need a gigabit-compatible cable to test these next-generation speeds, you’ll need to live in a house with access to this new infrastructure to test the fastest possible speeds. To do that, you need to enter your zip code on the BT website.

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