Three is bringing its half-price sim deal back from just £5 a month

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Three offers sim only deals at half price for the first six months (Image: GETTY THREE SMARTY)

Sim-only contracts are a fantastic option for those looking to keep their monthly phone bills low, and Three has long been one of the most popular networks thanks to its great deals.

Now it’s upping its game again with two incredible half-price offers on its SIM-only plans.

The 24 month unlimited data plan will usually cost you £20 per month, but Three will cut the price down to just £10 for the first six months of the contract. That means a total saving of €60.

If you don’t need that much data, the 8GB plan is also available at half price. And at just £5 a month for half a year, it will be hard to beat.

Both deals are 5G ready if you have a compatible phone and include unlimited minutes and texts. That’s pretty incredible, considering Three says its 5G network is about 10x faster than its 4G speeds. In our speed tests with 5G handsets, we clocked speeds from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps, depending on our location. By comparison, the average broadband speed at home in the UK, as recorded earlier this year, is around 70 Mbps.

You can also roam for free in 71 countries – something that seems more generous than ever before, as we can start planning vacations again. Rivals EE and O2 have announced plans to cut roaming charges for every day you’re in Europe after the UK leaves the European Union.

Using your phone as a personal hotspot for your other devices is a great option for those on the go – or whose broadband goes down often – and will benefit from those super-fast 5G download speeds on all your gadgets.

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It’s not the only cheap and cheerful sim only deal from the Three family this month.

Mobile network SMARTY, which runs on Three’s network, also just announced a £12 deal that includes 50GB of data and unlimited calls and texts. In fact, it’s a month-to-month contract, giving you a lot more flexibility to cancel whenever you want. Like Three, you get 12GB of EU roaming data. However, 5G is not included.

To take advantage, be quick: SMARTY’s deal is available now, but will expire on October 12, 2021.

If you miss it, they also offer a permanent plan that gives you 30GB for £10 a month, with a few even cheaper options if you need less data.

Three’s deal comes with the network’s latest offering for all Pay Monthly, Pay as You Go, and mobile and home broadband users. New and existing customers alike can sign up for 100GB of free Google One storage in Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail.

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