WhatsApp may soon get one of the best features of Facebook Messenger

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WhatsApp is one of the last chat apps to introduce this feature (Image: GETTY WHATSAPP)

Sometimes there just isn’t that much to say. Maybe you’re stuck in a huge group chat and want to acknowledge an announcement without increasing the noise, or just enjoy a more calm approach to connecting with your friends and family.

We all know the feeling – so we were overjoyed to hear that the Facebook messenger is now testing a feature that lets you respond to messages with emoji.

It’s already a popular part of several other chat apps, including Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Slack, and Instagram direct messaging. Simply put, it allows you to directly put an emoji on a message to show your reaction, without having to send your own message.

There are no details yet on what the version of WhatsApp will look like or which emoji will be included. Facebook Messenger currently lets you respond with only six (heart, smile, shock, sad, anger, and thumbs up), but other platforms support much more. Some even give you the option to create your own custom responses.

We’re hoping for a good variety of reactions to play with – the “crying with laughter” is always a winner, but we can also see the champagne bottle, clapping or even exploding head being put to full use.

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The feature was discovered by the WhatsApp rumor site WABetaInfo, which dug up an automated message in the Android version of the app.

The message reads: “You have received a response. Update your version of WhatsApp to see responses.”

For now, it looks like we’ll have to wait for a future release to try it out for ourselves. WhatsApp has not yet commented on the leak.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors are true. The chat app has had some sort of update in recent months and has added several highly anticipated features. These include multi-device support, an iPad app, disappearing messages, better archived chats, and a way to switch your chat history between Android and iPhone.

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