Xbox One Black Screen: Gamers Using Factory Reset After Black Screen Notifications

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Xbox One’s Black Screen Reportedly Affecting Consoles This Week (Image: MICROSOFT)

The Xbox One black screen error is causing major problems for gamers trying to use their console this week.

Gamers are reporting that after a recent update, their Xbox One console appears with a black screen, interrupted only by the profile login message at the bottom of the screen.

The big problem here is that the black screen on Xbox One consoles cannot be removed by restarting the machine.

Gamers also report that a hard reset does not help, leaving many unable to use their console.

The good news is that this issue appears to be affecting those who have signed up for the Xbox Insider program.

The Microsoft page for the program states: “You are willing to access and participate in viewing and providing feedback on Xbox content before it is rolled out to the general public.

“Please note that Program updates may not be as stable as the general public release and may cause temporarily reduced or lost functionality.”

An Xbox owner shared this update on what happened to their console and how they were trying to fix the Black Screen of Death, writing online:

“I just turned on my Xbox One. It gave me the normal “Hi (My Name)” and then nothing. Just a black screen.

“I tried the method of holding the power button and then unplugging it and leaving it for a minute, but it just gives me the boot screen, ‘Hello’ message and then goes straight back to the black screen how do i fix this?

Another user added, “I held down the power and sync button then immediately held the eject button once it turned on. I just held my fingers in place as long as it lasted until the factory reset screen appeared.

“I pressed reset, doubled over to save my games, no finger slips, and then I went to the races.”

So it seems that performing the Factory Reset has helped some of those who have been locked out of their consoles.

However, it should be noted that Microsoft may soon be sending out an update to fix this issue, with new beta updates launching every few days.

Microsoft could share more news as the problem gets bigger.

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