Brand new electric bike promises ‘best ride’ but great price won’t last long

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Tenways has decided to launch its new bike on a crowdfunding platform (Image: TENWAYS • INDIEGOGO )

At first glance, Tenways’ latest electric bike seems too good to be true. Claiming to be “the best city bike ever,” the bike has a number of features you’d normally only see on models that cost twice as much, including a carbon belt drive instead of an oily chain, a quick-charge battery, hydraulic disc brakes, a companion app for iPhone and Android and a smart torque sensor.

Let’s talk about the price first. The Tenways C-Go 600 costs £945. Sort of.

The only way to get your hands on the bike now is through a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGogo. Normally we wouldn’t rush to recommend a product that is only available through these campaigns because there is a long list of horror stories where enthusiasts promise money for a product that never arrived. Fortunately, this seems a little different.

Tenways is not using the campaign to raise money to build the amazing bike it has promised everyone. The C-Go 600 bike is already finished. In fact, publications such as Electrek and The Next Web have already taken delivery and review of a completed unit. Tenways seems to be using IndieGogo to take pre-orders and spark some interest in the bike.

Those who rush to support the company will benefit from a serious price cut. As mentioned above, the “Super Early Bird Price”, which is still available at the time of writing, costs £945. Once the limited number of slots at that price run out, you’ll have to cough up £1,017 for the “Early Bird Price” .

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Tenways C-GO 600 Electric Bike Price UK IndieGogo Campaign Buy Price Release Buy Now

There are a number of color combinations available at launch (Image: TENWAYS)

Tenways C-GO 600 Electric Bike Price UK IndieGogo Campaign Buy Price Release Buy Now

The battery is tucked into the down tube of the A-frame (Image: TENWAYS)

But the cheapest way to pack this bike is to opt for the “Couple Pack”, which includes two Tenways C-Go 600 models for £1,889, which equates to a saving of 50 cents on each bike compared to the “Super Early Bird Price”. The IndieGogo campaign will run until Friday, September 24, 2021. However, there are a small number of bikes available at every price point, so if you’re considering buying one, you’d better act sooner or later.

Unlike most IndieGogo campaigns, which promise results months and years into the future, Tenways has promised to ship bikes to the first customers in September. So you can commute on your new bike in a few weeks. It ships to UK, European Union, Canada and United States of America.

OK, so that’s covering the price and the unusual purchase method… what about the bike itself?

Well, the first reviews are extremely positive. Napier Lopez writes on The Next Web: “Tenways offers a polished riding experience that surprised me for a new company making an affordable, lightweight ebike. Hit it with a big name logo and it could have easily sold for $3,000. under $1,500, it’s an absolute bargain.”

Tenways C-GO 600 Electric Bike Price UK IndieGogo Campaign Buy Price Release Buy Now

To take advantage of the discount, you must support it on IndieGogo (Image: TENWAYS)

Looking at the spec sheet, the Tenways C-Go 600 certainly seems ridiculously underpriced.

It stylishly hides the battery pack in the down tube of the frame, something you’d normally find on more expensive models – with the most affordable bikes tucked the battery in plain sight. Fat charging means you can recharge the battery in under three hours, and Tenways claims you can ride up to 130 miles (80km) on a single charge, which is roughly what we’d expect from a £2,000 or so electric bike. .

Tenways has mounted a smart display on the handlebars with some statistics about your current ride and battery level. The screen has an IP65 rating, which means it can withstand a ride through the pouring rain without any problems.

There are also puncture resistant tires, something we would also expect as standard on a more expensive electric bike… but nothing close to this price range, especially if you can grab the “Super Early Bird Price”. Unlike some models, where the rider is responsible for setting the exact power output of the motor, the Tenways C-Go 600 uses a smart sensor in the crankset to determine how much effort you put through the pedal.

Tenways C-GO 600 Electric Bike Price UK IndieGogo Campaign Buy Price Release Buy Now

The electric bike weighs just under 15 kg (Image: TENWAYS)

Tenways C-GO 600 Electric Bike Price UK IndieGogo Campaign Buy Price Release Buy Now

After about 2.5 hours of charging, you can drive up to 130 km, says Tenways (Image: TENWAYS)

If you’re having trouble turning the pedals, you’re probably struggling to get out of a standing position or sweating up a hill – so the engine will kick in and lend you a helping hand. If the pedals spin endlessly, you’re unlikely to need more oomph, so the motor backs out.

Again, this is something we’ve seen on electric bikes that cost thousands more, like the Ampler Curt. If the smart system in the Tenways C-Go 600 can match the performance of its more expensive cousins, this is a great buy.

“Combining 20 years of cycling expertise with the passionate idealism of young cyclists, we founded Tenways in 2019. Dissatisfied with what the eBike industry routinely produces, we designed the CGO600 to make the daily commute the carbon-free pleasure they deserve. should be,” company says.

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