Sky, BT and Virgin Media users offered cheaper broadband if they made a simple change

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Vodafone broadband prices are slashed for those switching from competing companies (Image: VODAFONE)

If your broadband bill is making you shudder, now might be a good time to switch to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). There are plenty of deals on the market right now, but one that looks particularly tempting comes from Vodafone, with the UK network offering much cheaper prices to anyone eager to get out of their current ISP. In fact, Vodafone undercuts rivals such as BT and Virgin by as much as £500, depending on the speeds customers choose. Prices for Vodafone’s new “Switch and Save” plans start from just £19.98 – that’s for the lowest 35Mbps speeds.

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Best Vodafone Broadband Deals

Vodafone has launched its “Switch and Save” offer, which gives new customers the opportunity to use broadband for less than £20 a month.


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If you want something faster, you can go for 500 Mbps for £35 a month or 900 Mbps for £60. To give a quick example, Virgin Media currently offers its M500 service for £58 a month, which is a bit more than £20 more than Vodafone’s subscription.

Sky is also offering its new 500Mbps service to customers, but this currently costs £45, which is £10 more.

The only thing to be aware of is that Vodafone requires users to sign up for a 24-month contract and these prices do not include the company’s latest Pro options that help keep the family online even if the fixed broadband goes down. down.

Vodafone’s Pro broadband also has a Wi-Fi boosting box and access to dedicated experts if you run into problems. Vodafone is offering 50 cents off these Pro plans with prices starting at £34.50 per month for 64Mbps speeds.

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Here are all Vodafone offers.

Switch and save • 35 Mbps speeds
£19.50 per month SEE DEAL HERE

Switch and save • 64 Mbps speeds
€ 21.50 per month SEE DEAL HERE

Switch and save • 100 Mbps speeds
£24 per month SEE DEAL HERE

Switch and save • 200 Mbps speeds
£35 a month SEE DEAL HERE

Switch and save • 500 Mbps speeds
£35 per month for 24 months SEE DEAL HERE

Switch and save 900 Mbps
£60 per month SEE DEAL HERE

Vodafone is not currently the company to offer cheap broadband, while British company Hyperoptic is also giving customers the chance to get a hefty discount.

Anyone with this service down their street can get 50Mbps speeds for just £15 a month or 500Mbps for £30.

There’s also a ridiculously fast 1Gbps option for £35 a month that allows users to download a Full HD movie in just 40 seconds.

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