Away: The Survival Series will be released in September

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The studio Breaking walls, behind From: The Survival Series, announces its arrival on PS5 with a photo mode and new characters such as the praying mantis. The game is available on Playstation 4, pc, Xbox One and Series X / S. The version playstation 5, as for it, will arrive at the end of summer with no precise date.

Away: The Survival Series – Announce PS4 Trailer

The area around Weg!

Play as a phalanger and travel the world to find your family. Nature will not let you travel to the sweet sound of bells, no of course! Natural disasters will strike you, but can you face them and save your family at the cost of your life?

Live this experience on land and in the air in a landscape in the form of a documentary. You will be followed by a narrator who will explain the flora and fauna of this incredible ecosystem.

An original and innovative photo mode!

‘s photo modeAway contains an original and interesting feature for fans of this mode in games. Indeed, with this one you can phalanger, but the world will keep moving, with the freedom of the camera, different and varied possibilities combined with the depth slider and the multiple filters available.

Away from different angles!

Throughout the game there will be the opportunity to embody different animals and utilize their skills as frog and jump wherever you want to name a few.

Take good care of your Falanger!

If you want to fly your falanger, you have to eat. Pay attention to the environment and use it methodically.

Sometimes you fall prey and someone else’s dinner and you have to be smart and quick to escape your attacker. You have the perfect example with the coral snake boss.

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