GTA Online Announces The Arrival Of Los Santos Tuners

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rock star has no shortage of imagination when it comes to its most popular game, which has been around for 7 years for the last installment to date, that is GTA V. New content will be coming from July 20th GTA Online, with new missions, races and the LS Car Meet which we will explain to you shortly.

GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners Official Trailer

LS Car Meet, a club of good people!

Okay, first, where’s the LS Car Meet ? On the edge of Cypress Flats. To find this gigantic place, strain your ears to hear the engine roar and eventually you will find a warehouse covered in graffiti.

If you decide to return to LS Car Meet, you have to have a good attitude, this ensures a good balance of the place with the other members and thus avoids arousing the curiosity of the local police.

GTA Online Announces The Arrival Of Los Santos Tuners
Look for a graffiti covered warehouse in Cypress Flats to find the LS Car Meet.

In this club you will have the chance to show off your personalized racing car with care and admire those of other players. Races are also regularly organized to prove your gift behind the wheel.

Join !

By donating $50,000 to GTA, you can become a member and gain access to certain privileges.

To start, you unlock a reputation meter. New perks are given as you progress, once the end of a level is reached.

A test track in the basement allows you to try out new vehicles or just have fun in this huge place with the other members.

Challenges Price ride variables are available and give you the chance to win a special vehicle or access new shops and special content such as a merch shop, tattoo parlor or mod zone. Higher level members can even create a private space.

The underground test track is for members only.

The World of Los Santos Tuners:

Many varied races will take place both outdoors and indoors Car Measure :

  • Friendlies on the test circuit face to face over a short distance.
  • In rush race, pass the 20 checkpoints for the other 3 opponents.
  • Time trials make you your own opponent and ask you to challenge yourself and beat your own time record on the test track.
  • The street racing series takes you through parts of Los Santos. Open to LS Car Meet members only, compete in intense races where the smallest shortcut can be crucial.
  • chases are only open to members of the LS Car Meet. In this mode you are freer and you have to think about the shortest way to reach the checkpoints, while avoiding the other pilots and vehicles of the LSPD.
  • Sprint mode will make you sweat, not a second to lose with its round trips, LS Car Meet to any point in Los Santos.

During the races, the contacts between cars will be deactivated and each event will have its own ranking.

Participating in races earns you a reputation, even if it’s not the only way.

As of the launch of the update, you can find 10 of the 17 new vehicles available this summer at Annis, Dinka and Übermacht dealers.

Clothing store :

Even though we have little hope to believe that you never tried GTA V, here are the various links to the dematerialized stores:

Playstation 4 : Premium Edition for 34.99 euros including:

  • Grand Theft Auto Online;
  • Criminal world entry pack.

Premium Edition and Great White Shark Dollar Bundle for 44.99 euros including:

  • Grand Theft Auto Online;
  • Criminal Access Package;
  • 1,250,000 GTA$ for GTA Online.

Premium Edition and Whale Shark Dollars Bundle for 59.99 euros including:

  • Grand Theft Auto Online;
  • Criminal Access Package;
  • 3,500,000 GTA$ for GTA Online.

Premium Edition and Megalodon Shark Dollar Bundle for 89.99 euros including:

  • Grand Theft Auto Online;
  • Criminal Access Package;
  • $8,000,000 for GTA Online.

The Playstation 5 version of GTA V will be released later this year. Some vehicles can be upgraded and have a speed bonus. These special upgrades are only available on Playstation 5.

Xbox One and Series X/S : The versions contain exactly the same things as on Play station :

Steam also has the same versions as on consoles:

  • Premium Edition for 29.98 euros.
  • Premium Edition and Great White Shark Dollar Bundle for 41.22 euros.
  • Premium Edition and Whale Shark Dollars Pack for 52.23 euros.

It is also possible to buy different virtual currency packs GTA V.

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