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That super-phenomenal “Original God” is about to be one year old.

On September 1, the 2.1 version of “The Original God” was officially launched. The new version with the theme of “Shao Guang Fu Yue, the world under the earth” brings a series of game content updates such as characters, weapons, regions, and plots as always. In addition to the game, with the advent of the first anniversary of the public beta, “Original God” has also brought a series of rich offline activities and linkages. In addition to the symphony concerts and carnivals that players are looking forward to, the ubiquitous global outdoor advertising will push the craze of “Original God” to a new height.

Looking back at this year’s growth process, in addition to the phenomenal products, in marketing, “Original God” also showed phenomenal performance. From GameLook’s point of view, the unique marketing path of “Yuan Shen” is actually only doing three things well: building a circle, expanding a circle, and breaking a circle.

Build a circle: gather core players with high-quality content

Regarding a new game that just went on the market, no matter how hot the discussion is, the solid foundation for its growth must be a group of core players who really love the game. Therefore, building a common identity and community culture around this group of players is an important concern in the early game operation process.

This is especially difficult for a two-dimensional game. Under the background that the two-dimensional culture is still not fully recognized by the mainstream culture, many players not only find it difficult to find friends in real life, but they are also unwilling to expose the player’s identity. How to gather core players is a difficult problem in front of “Original God”.

In the end, the excellent quality of the product itself became the key to breaking the game. The project team’s brand content construction around the version, characters, art and music quality has successfully gained wide recognition from the core audience of the two-dimensional.

For example, in the new version of the popular character General Raiden, his role demonstration “General Raiden: Pure Land Judgment” received more than 3 million views on the day it went live on August 31, ranking first in the game list of station B on the day. And Zhong Li’s role PV “Listen to Books” has both exceeded 20 million views on YouTube and Station B. Each issue of the stable and high-quality new version of the forward-looking program has invested a lot of cost and effort, and has also received widespread praise from the players. Up to now, “Yuan Shen” has more than 7.3 million fans at station B, ranking first in the game’s official account, and has successfully “opened up” this two-dimensional core position. It has also gained more than 4 million fans on Douyin and Weibo, and the hot searches and popular content undoubtedly show considerable potential for breaking the circle.

As a result, “Yuan Shen” has also established a player community with the core audience of the second element as the main body, and smoothly realized the idea of ​​”building a circle”. After that, “The Original God” went a step further and opened a new exploration in establishing player identity and confidence.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, in the preview special program of Yuanshen version 1.3, a video titled “So you also play Yuanshen” aroused strong resonance among players. The protagonist in the advertisement accidentally exposed his identity as a player but gained a lot of game friends, which also made many players see his own shadow. They said one after another, “So you also play the original god” not only shortens the distance between people, but also makes them feel proud of being a player of the original god.

In addition, many people shared their own journey from “single player” to “you also play the original god”. After being “exposed” as a original player, they took the initiative to “crazy Amway” to their relatives, friends and classmates. , Spontaneously formed a small circle of original gods characterized by social acquaintances in reality.

In fact, it is not only domestic players who are touched by this video. The story of “So you also play the original god” is being staged in every corner of the world every day. Since the start of the global simultaneous public beta in 2020, “Yuan Shen” has always maintained a global publicity rhythm. The core material inside and outside the game has been dubbed in 4 languages ​​since its launch and translated into 13 languages. Advertising all over the world has further aroused the strong interest of overseas two-dimensional players.

As a result, we saw that in the forward-looking special program of version 2.1, when Riyue’s sportswear once again became a secret signal among players, the enthusiasm of overseas players was also ignited on social networks, and they all left messages expressing their desire to have this piece full of China. The coat of campus culture, and the air interaction of players at home and abroad has also successfully helped “Yuan Shen” establish a global player circle, so that every player will not go alone.

Expanding circle: promoting community development with fan culture

In the two-dimensional game, in addition to the indomitable pioneers and infinite energy players, there is also a special group of people who are not good at numerical calculations and level strategies, but are deeply fascinated by characters, plots and worldviews. Once their creative enthusiasm is stimulated, they will create the most important weapon for the prosperity of game culture-fan works. For “Yuan Shen”, these fan creators are also the key to promoting the player community to further expand the circle.

During the Spring Festival of 2021, under the initiative of the players, an 82-minute “Original God” year worship video ignited the B station and received an astonishing amount of nearly 7.8 million views. Most of the content of this video is spontaneously original by UP owners who are both game players and high-quality content creators. The outstanding quality and extremely high topicality allow these second creation works to quickly spread on the Internet. Attracted many more marginal and mild pan-two-dimensional players.

Such players do not pursue hard-core gameplay, and they don’t pay much attention to hard-and-wide game information on a daily basis. For them, the pit game is often just because of a beautiful person who fell in love at first sight, and because of this, fan works are the easiest “fuse” to arouse their enthusiasm for games.

The “Original God” team will naturally not miss this excellent opportunity to expand the circle. In March of this year, Mihayou and Station B jointly launched the first game-exclusive incentive plan-the “Millions of Creative Incentive Plan”. With the support of over one million bonuses to provide assistance to the second creators, it can be seen that the project team attaches great importance to fan culture.

Under the dual stimulation of the official incentive plan and my own creative enthusiasm, not only the videos related to “The Original God” at station B have continued to grow, but the divisions involved are also constantly expanding. In addition to the animation area and the game area, there are many works of appreciation, adaptation, performance or re-editing of the original sound of the game in the music area. In the dance area, there are many cos-oriented or original-oriented dance videos. Even the gourmet area has a lot of UP The main focus is to restore all kinds of delicacies in the game in three dimensions.

In the half-dimensional gathering of doujin painters, “The Original God” opened a doujin painting solicitation activity, and the best works received a cash incentive of 20,000 yuan. In Lofter, where the fan culture is equally prosperous, “The Original God” has also carried out a collection of fan works. The high-frequency, multi-platform, and full-coverage fan-incentive policy made the journey of “Original God” a success.

It is worth mentioning that Yuanshen also extended its tentacles to the current hot game live broadcast field. In the case that the popularity of the game itself has caused many game anchors to spontaneously conduct live broadcasts, the continuous recruitment of official anchors has further promoted the prosperity of the live broadcast of “The Original God”. The data shows that the current “Original God” game anchors receive up to 5.55 million yuan in gift rewards each week, and the subsequent commercial cooperation that comes with it can create more lucrative returns for the anchors.

As the game version continues to iterate, the coverage of the incentive plan continues to expand. In addition to live broadcast sites such as Station B and Douyu Huya, short video sites such as Douyin and Miyoushe, the core player position, “Yuanshen” has also launched a corresponding incentive plan. With the joint efforts of the project team and content creators, the player community of “Yuan Shen” has also expanded in the entire ACG cultural circle with a prairie fire.

Breaking the circle: boosting cultural output with creative marketing

Although it is called the “Ninth Art”, the social acceptance and recognition of video games can never be compared with the traditional arts of literature, drama, and movies. At the moment when the 3A masterpieces are “enclosure and self-confidence”, the two-dimensional game thinks Breaking the circle is even more difficult.

But for “Yuan Shen”, “breaking the circle” is an inevitable move to gain wider market success and social recognition for itself. Thanks to the extensive game recognition and self-confidence established in the process of building and expanding the circle, through a cross-border linkage in which players actively participate, the circle-breaking effect of “Original God” has been brought to the extreme.

On the second weekend of March, citizens everywhere were surprised to find that the doors of KFC restaurants, which are now commonplace, were lined up like they did when they first entered China more than 30 years ago. What’s more interesting is that in order to obtain the linkage badge, these young people who lined up to buy the designated package will also shout a “strange spell” to the shop assistant-meet in another world and enjoy the delicious food.

Soon, this Yuanshen×KFC cross-industry linkage swept the focus of major domestic mainstream media, and the official WeChat account of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League also fully affirmed it, which also made it unsurprisingly the most broken circle in the country this year. One of the effects of game marketing events. Through this event, the two-dimensional subculture represented by “The Original God” is being broken into the mainstream cultural circle by players in the form of breaking the circle and coexisting, and driving more people to pay attention to “The Original God” with its own attraction. , So that it evolves from a two-dimensional game to a national game, and then produces a more far-reaching social impact.

Such influence is also reflected in the online world. In addition to vertical communities such as Half Dimension, Lofter, and Tap Tap, on Weibo, Station B, and Zhihu, these online platforms where mainstream young groups gather, “Yuan Shen” has also frequently appeared in hot searches and hot lists. On overseas social media, the cultural output of “The Original God” has become a popular topic with constant reviews.

This kind of output is not only reflected in the top-selling list in 35 countries and regions, but also reflected in foreign players’ fascination with the Eastern culture in the game. On YouTube, a video teaching the pronunciation of the Chinese name of “Yuan Shen” received nearly 2 million views. Many foreign players who have worked hard to learn Chinese to play “Yuan Shen” also said that “Yuan Shen” insisted on using Chinese names instead of English names, which is impressive. The digital beauty created in the game based on real Chinese natural landscapes also made them very impressive. I look forward to a “holy land tour” in China one day.

At the end of July, “Yuan Shen” was successfully selected into the Ministry of Commerce’s “2021-2022 National Cultural Export Key Enterprises and Key Project List”, which is also the official recognition of “Yuan Shen”‘s strong cultural appeal beyond the two-dimensional circle. With continuous attempts to break the circle, the current “Original God” is no longer a niche game that a small group of two-dimensional players are ashamed to mention, but has become a trendy cultural symbol that can be seen everywhere in ordinary people’s daily life.

Establishing, expanding and breaking the circle, with clear marketing ideas and solid product quality, “Yuan Shen” completed the creation of a super-phenomenal national IP in just one year, creating a business miracle while also harvesting society Highly recognized. With the continuous innovation of game content and the continuous development of characteristic marketing, it is reasonable to believe that this emerging national game will bring more surprises to the market in the future, and the new year’s “Original God” is also worth our more expect.

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