Strict new rules from “Instagram”

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Instagram has revealed new procedures for users who refuse to share their true date of birth and will soon be banned from accessing the popular social network, noting that it will use artificial intelligence to detect age in the future to find someone who lies. on their age.

The Facebook-owned company stressed that all users must submit their true date of birth or be permanently banned from the platform.

Instagram started asking for birthdays in 2019. So if you signed up earlier, you may not have mentioned your official birthday.

The app is setting new birthday rules in an effort to keep children safe online and you will be asked to indicate your birthday when you open the app. Although notifications for birthday requests can be ignored a few times, the app will stop working properly if you don’t respond at the end and some posts will be blacked out and marked as sensitive if you don’t provide your birthday in case you are considered to be too young Look at the content.

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