Valorant Act 2 release date for episode 3: When will Valorant Act 2 new map Fracture come out?

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The Valorant Fracture card comes out in September (Image: RIOT GAMES)

Developers Riot Games has confirmed its plans to launch Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 in September 2021.

And while we haven’t heard much about a new Agent making its debut, we do know that a new map and Battle Pass will be released.

That doesn’t mean the long-rumored Deadeye won’t be coming to the game later this month, but for now, all we know for sure is that Riot Games will be launching Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 very soon.

As in the past, the Act 2 Battle Pass for September will cost 1,000 VP and will include weapon skins, Gun Buddies, Cards, Sprays and Titles.

The following free items are included: Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin with variants, Time’s Up Gun Buddy, Artisan Gun Buddy, Nice Try! Spray, versus // Phoenix and Phoenix card.

And as confirmed earlier today by the Valorant, a new map will also make its debut this month.

Fracture will be available to play as part of Valorant update 3.05, meaning it should make its debut alongside the new Act 2 Battle Pass unless there is another patch between version 3.04 and version 3.05.

Riot Games has confirmed that Fracture is characterized by its H-shaped layout with a visual split in the middle that reveals contrasting sides. Long cable cars also connect routes underneath. As with previous maps, keep an eye out for strong connections to the Valorant knowledge, including first interactive narrative objects.


Riot Games has confirmed that Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 has a release date for Wednesday, September 8 in the United States.

Maintenance is expected before the release of the new update, meaning the game will likely be offline for several hours.

It should be noted that most major patches are released as part of a global rollout, and chances are North America will be one of the first places to get the patch.

This is so that the Valorant team has enough time to address issues that could arise from an update, and could mean that the European servers will be down for a day so that Valorant Episode 3 could start a day later on September 9.

Riot Games is expected to share an update on what’s coming up this week in the coming hours.

Commenting on the challenges of creating a new Battle Pass, Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar revealed this week: “We are trying to create more ‘series’ content so that players who enjoy collecting items can add to their collections.

YouTube video

“Some examples of this are the map scheme, the weapon manufacturer scheme, and the Versus maps. The latest addition we’re excited about is the Unstoppable card series, the first of which Reyna in her ultimate form sucks out the souls of the enemies she killed.

“These cards are to portray our agents in their most powerful state, their power fantasy. This idea may seem familiar to players who were there during the Closed Beta, when we saw a few similar cards for Phoenix, Viper, etc.

“We get a lot of messages from players asking us to return those Beta cards. While those cards won’t come back in the same form, the Unstoppable series is our way of paying tribute to those old cards. So yeah, we’ll end up doing an Unstoppable Viper and Phoenix map.

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