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Like every month, Sony always enriches its offers a little more Playstation plus, which we covered in our article at the end of July, or the streaming service Playstation now. In this month of August 2021, the Playstation now available on console Play station and pc, welcomes three new games to its offering, including the great Decline: Vending Machines from today, Tuesday, August 3.

Playstation Now trailer from August 2021

Reject: Automatons:

This RPG Action from the series To deny by Square Enix, developed by PlatinumGames, will plunge you into chaos where mechanical devices will be sent by invaders to take over the world. Join androids 2B and 9S in titanic and thrilling battles that make the success of Decline: Vending Machines to regain control.

Enjoy this masterpiece until November 1, 2021.

Nier: Automata Official E3 2016 Announcement Trailer

Ghost Runner:

The studio One more level at the beginning of Ghostrunner, immerses you in an extreme parkour game in a Cyberpunk universe. With your monomolecular katana, destroy the enemies that stand in your way during your ascent. Dodge and move with amazing speed, you don’t have a second to wink.

Ghostrunner integrates the Playstation now Permanently.

Ghostrunner Official PlayStation Trailer


In a universe full of monsters, conceived and developed by Toby Fox, undertale Immerse yourself in the shoes of a human who wants to save his own skin in this vertical exploration and RPG game.

Your choices will be unique to you, with many opportunities to get out, know that violence doesn’t solve everything.

Undertale Playstation Trailer – E3 2017

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