FIFA servers down: is FIFA 21 down now? FUT maintenance planned

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Are FIFA 21 servers down today? FUT maintenance planned by EA (Image: EA • GETTY)

FIFA 21 down reports are on the rise today. Independent Failure Monitor Down Detector has registered a spike in FIFA 21 down reports, with hundreds of players experiencing issues. At the time of writing, Down Detector UK has registered a peak of around 500 FIFA downs.

It comes as maintenance was scheduled for FIFA titles by EA.

The FIFA Direct Communications Twitter previously announced the news: “We have scheduled maintenance for September 2, from 6:30 am to 12:30 pm UTC.

Making FUT & VOLTA FOOTBALL matches will be disabled 30 minutes prior to maintenance to avoid potential mid-match interruptions.

“During this time, you may be disconnected from FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL or you may not be able to access FUT and VOLTA FOOTBALL. This will affect the following titles: FIFA 15/16/17/18/19/20/21.”

According to Down Detector stats, most of FIFA 21’s down reports are related to server connection issues.

About 58 percent of affected FIFA players experience connectivity issues.

While 22 percent are affected by login issues and 21 percent are experiencing problems with the FIFA website.

When the reported issues hit FIFA servers, gamers took to Twitter to talk about the issues they were facing.

Someone tweeted: “When will @EASPORTSFIFA servers be available again?? what happened on Fifa 21”.

FIFA 21 Down Reports on Down Detector

Down Detector has registered a spike in FIFA 21 down reports (Image: DOWN DETECTOR)

While another posted: “@EASPORTSFIFA what’s wrong with your servers? Why can’t we access Fifa 21 beyond the loading screen on Ultimate Team?”

One added: “Anyone know when the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team servers will be available again?”

And another wrote: “Fifa 21…FUT mode still showing server connection problem”.

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