Nintendo Switch Online may get Game Boy and Game Boy Color games this month

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Nintendo Switch Online Reportedly Getting Game Boy Games (Image: NINTENDO)

Nintendo Switch Online’s retro gaming collection may be getting a major new update soon. This month, games from Nintendo’s iconic handheld console – the Game Boy – can be added as a free bonus for subscribers. Game Boy Color games could also be added to Switch Online, and this news could be announced during the rumored Nintendo Direct in September – expected to take place within the next few weeks.

This rumor comes courtesy of Nintendo Life, who in a message online, notable insider ‘NateDrake’ revealed that Game Boy games may soon be added to Switch Online’s library.

The website also confirmed with their own sources that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will be added to Switch Online “very soon”.

With Game Boy games added to Switch Online this month, it’ll be the service’s first major update in two years.

Switch Online launched in September 2018 with a selection of free NES games available to play for subscribers.

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The following year, SNES games were added to the service, and it was hoped that this annual update schedule would continue into 2020.

Unfortunately, when September 2020 hit, no new console was added to the Switch Online service.

It’s unclear if that was the original plan, but the coronavirus pandemic has devastated all aspects of our lives, as well as game event scheduling, updates and game releases, and more.

At the time of writing, the Switch Online service offers access to over 100 NES and SNES games, as well as the ability to play online multiplayer games on your Switch.

The library of retro games available with Switch Online has grown over time, with 20 NES games available at launch and 20 SNES games also available on day one.

So if Nintendo follows this pattern, Switch fans can expect a similar number of Game Boy games this month.

But which Game Boy games can be added to Switch Online?

Game Boy Box

The Game Boy is one of the most iconic consoles Nintendo has ever made (Image: NINTENDO)

It’s impossible to know for sure, but our predictions would be that some rock solid classics will be available on day one.

So that would mean Tetris (a pack-in game for the original Game Boy), Super Mario Land, and The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Pokemon Red and Blue also available at launch.

As for other games hopefully heading to Switch Online – either on day one or in the future – would like to see Double Dragon and the Game Boy Castlevania games appear on the service.

Another game that tops our wish list is Metal Gear Ghost Babel for the Game Boy Color.

But it remains to be seen whether it would be a pain to get that on Switch Online, since – as with Castlevania – it was a Konami-published game.

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