The total revenue of the first half of the year has exceeded 100 million U.S. dollars. How did “Royal Match” succeed?

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Sensor Tower game classification data shows that global App Store and Google Play players paid more than 100 million US dollars on Dream Games “Royal Match”, making the game the fastest-growing puzzle mobile game in the past six months.

The elimination + decoration mobile game “Royal Match” from a Turkish manufacturer was tested on a small scale in the UK and Canada at the end of last year, and was officially launched at the end of February this year. As of August, global players have paid 102 million U.S. dollars for the game.

The United States is the market with the highest revenue for the game, contributing $67 million, accounting for 65.6% of the game’s total revenue. The UK and Japanese markets ranked second and third, accounting for 8% and 6% respectively. In terms of platform, revenue from App Store accounted for 63%, and Google Play accounted for 37%.

In terms of downloads, “Royal Match” has accumulated more than 16 million downloads. The United States is also the largest market for the game, contributing 45 million downloads, accounting for 28%. The United Kingdom and Germany ranked second and third, accounting for 7.7% and 7% respectively. The gap between the two platforms in terms of downloads is not big, with App Store contributing 47% of downloads and Google Play accounting for 53%.

Elimination + decoration mobile game ushered in new challengers five years later

As a best-selling category in the European and American mobile game markets, global players have paid as much as US$6.6 billion for puzzle-solving mobile games in the past 12 months. As the highest-income branch of puzzle-solving mobile games, mobile games have high player loyalty, and the motivation to learn and try new games and gameplay is slightly insufficient. This has led to the long-term monopoly of this category by top manufacturers such as King, Playrix, and Zynga .

It is based on the profound insight of the puzzle-solving mobile game players, Dream Games “Royal Match” has made a micro-innovation of the gameplay on the basis of the classic elimination + decoration gameplay, and has made iterative upgrades in the art, plot and social aspects, thus becoming 2016 Since the release of Playrix’s “Dream Garden” in August 2008, it is the first new product that has successfully emerged from this vertical track.

Over the past six months (March to August 2021), “Royal Match” revenue has increased by US$99.1 million, making it the fastest-growing puzzle-solving mobile game. Magic Tavern’s “Project Makeover” ranked No. 2 with $75 million increments, and King’s “Candy Legend” ranked No. 3 with $63.3 million. The other two mobile games on the list also have their own characteristics in gameplay. They are the Playrix mobile game “Manor Matters” and the Candivore match three PVP mobile game “Match Masters”.

Creative plot and gameplay are both available to improve the efficiency of buying

Unlike Playrix’s “Dream Garden” series that attracts eyeballs with independent mini-games or plots, “Royal Match” combines these ideas with basic gameplay to accurately acquire target players with vivid materials.

Sensor Tower’s advertising information data shows that a series of videos that create a sense of urgency through levels and straightforwardly show the basic gameplay of the game are the longest advertising materials that have been placed on AdMob, Vungle and other channels since the launch of “Royal Match”.

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