Game News: Rogue Spirit, inspired by Studio Ghibli movies, is now in Early Access on Steam

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It wasn’t until April that publisher 505 Games signed a distribution agreement for the action-adventure roguelite villainous ghost known. The anime style game was developed by Studio Kids With Sticks in beautiful Wroclaw.

Following the demo at the Steam Festival, the game is now in Early Access on Steam. To celebrate the start there is a new trailer. For the content at the beginning, one runs:

In Early Access, there are the first six procedurally generated levels in five different biomes, with beautiful 3D graphics inspired by Studio Ghibli movies like Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä from the Valley of the Winds.

Rogue Spirit is a colorful action game with light stealth elements for single players. You take on the role of the ghost of the former prince of Midra.

You can take possession of enemy characters and absorb their skills. In this way you want to free the country from the clutches of an ubiquitous but naturally evil power.

Rogue Spirit is inspired by Japanese and Southeast Asian culture and popular anime. A console version was not yet part of the announcement.

The new early access trailer for Rogue Spirit

YouTube video

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